​How to Analyze The Website or Blog for SEO campaign

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Analyze website or blog for SEO campaign, Yes this is the major factor for any blogger or website builder. If you have a blog or you are an SEO or SMO expert then it is essential to promote your own blog or client website.

As the reason behind having a blog or SEO or SMO expert, you should be well known about the importance of the analysis of website for SEO campaign. It is the main factor which helps to generate high traffic on your blog or website.

Without doing it, your blog or website is like the alone person residing in a hustle society but only one or two guys know him who he is actually. So if you are living at any place then it is necessary that all persons who are also living in your surrounding, They should have knowledge about you so that whenever anyone tries to look for you then anyone can tell him about you.
Ok, I think you will have understood well what is the importance of SEO.

As per my example, SEO do same work for your blog or website

When anyone searches any topic, that is available on your website then google or other search engines suggest him according to the searching person keyword. Suppose  the searched keyword is available in your topic heading and so popular among search engine then search engine will show your keyword on the upper line on their search page otherwise your page will be down according to your page ranking which is also given by the webmaster or search engine tool on the basic on your content and another factor which affects on the ranking of page or your blog page keywords.

Now let’s come to the main point. That is the analysis of the website or blog for SEO campaigns.

How to filter everything on your blog or website for which you are going to do SEO.

Then always keep in your mind if you are also going to do SEO for your blog. First, audit your blog then analysis.What is going right and what is going wrong with your blog or website.After watching every point take a decision on which topic you should work more for achieving your determined goal.

List of all topics – Audit before SEO

Ok so be ready to SEO audit report for your blog to find the best result for your client website or your own blog.

  • Title to all the page or post.
  • Meta description to pages.
  • Alt tag to image.
  • Domainexpiredate.
  • Ip address blocked and DNS.
  • Site verification on all important search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc.
  • Google analytics.
  • Crawl error.
  • Search friendly design.
  • Redirect issue.
  • Custom 404 error page.
  • Robot.txt.
  • Sitemap.xml.
  • Search friendly URLs.
  • Heading tags.
  • Canonical link element.
  • Contact form.
  • Footer link.
  • RSS feed.
  • RSS icon.
  • Social media button.
  • Sharing button.
  • Broken link.
  • Facebook fan page.
  • Youtube account channel.
  • Inbound link.
  • Content freshness.
  • Blog on the main page.


So finally I would like to suggest if you are going to analyze Website then go through with all above points. It will definitely help you at every point.

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