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When you own a blog or you are planning for a blog, there is always you have something in your mind that is AdSense or Adsense alternative and to make money through it and for the same today here I am to help you.

If you are into blogging then I hope you will be knowing what is Google Adsense.

Every blogger has a dream to make a well great looking website and to get it approved via Google Adsense and but you are not always lucky enough that it gets approved by Google.

You get disappointed but please be don’t, it’s not the end here your hard work will not go waste.

There is not only one door that is Google Adsense but also many other Google Adsense alternatives which can give earnings which you deserve.

Yes, it is true that Google AdSense is a big brand in advertising but it is also true that you can earn the same amount or also more via below google Adsense alternatives.


So let’s start with our some of Top and Best Google Adsense Alternative:

Google Adsense Alternative -Few List

1: Affiliate Marketing


After Google Adsense, the most selected option is Affiliate Marketing.

That’s why here it’s number one place for Google Adsense alternatives.

It’s very simple to understand here that here the revenue is generated through Affiliation that just brings out the product of other websites(Vendor) and promote it once the product is purchased by any user through your affiliation(affiliated ID) or you can through our promotion.then you earn the commission for that product.


Here the earning or commission is dependent on the type product or services you are promoting if the product has high value the commission will be high.

So while choosing affiliation marketing one should be aware of it and should also follow certain rules that is select the best affiliate and promote it in an attractive manner.

Always choose the correct product it means the product for which you have experience and you are able to provide genuine reviews.

At last the most important point is patience, just relax and provide honest reviews of the product.


So now the example here, the best example here for affiliation marketing is Amazon Associates.


As you know Amazon is one of the most popular and largest online stores so you can think why they are popular yes because of their product.

So somewhere it’s become easy to promote their product.

Here you go to Amazon associates, then they simply provide you image ads to your blog so that you can promote them and once they are purchased you get the commission.


You can also visit their website to know more and sign up @ Amazon Associates


2: Infolinks


It is one of the great and recommended Google Adsense alternatives that can be found today.

We are saying this because of its easier to get approved and have less strict rules.

Infolinks which provides ads via using in the text, research, in tag, inframe. Which are basically the types of ads provided by them?

In which most popularly is in text type which is a pop-up ad which gets active when a cursor moves over dedicated texts.


You can also visit their website to know more and sign up @ Infolinks



It is an another great option for Google Adsense alternative.

We are saying this because in types of ads it is best and similar to Google Adsense.

It a similar to google because of its contextual ad via Yahoo and Bing.

But benefit here is easy approval as compared to hard approval process for google Adsense.


You can also visit the website to know more and sign up @


4: Chitika


It is another useful option for Google Adsense alternative.

It is because here you are the controller of ads it is similar to Google Adsense showing ads which realize on the queries searched by users.

It’s not only providing you search ads but also provides you mobile ads including local ads and again it is quite easier here to get approved.


You can also visit the website to know more and sign up @ Chitika


5: Adversal


It is also a good option for Google Adsense alternative.

But it has one important condition before you go for approval it demands 50,000 monthly page views.

But yes it is easy here to get approved if you fulfill this requirement.

Also, it pays you well.


You can also visit the website to know more and sign up @ Adversal


6: VigLink


As it is on the 6th number but still a good option for google Adsense alternative.

Actually, it is not same as other advertising networks it helps you earn via changing your normal outgoing links into affiliate links which help you in earning a commission.

It does not have a particular condition but the payment here you get is after 60 Days and also only via Paypal.


You can also visit the website to know more and sign up @ VigLink


7: Qadabra


Like its magical name, it’s also a good option for Google Adsense alternative.

First, it’s easy just add your tag and start advertising also easily get approved.

But its success is hidden in its self-advertising platform and also has the good number or varieties of ads for you and give good earning on foreign traffic.


You can also visit the website to know more and sign up @ Qadabra


8: Skimlinks


Yes another good option for Google Adsense alternative or you can say another option for VigLink

It works on the same principle as that of Viglink that is to change your normal links into an affiliate link.

So you can say it works for affiliate sales, not for clicking of ads


You can also visit the website to know more and sign up @ Skimlinks


9: Bidvertiser


It can be also considered as good Google Adsense Alternative.

It’s an easy advertising network that keeps your website simple and easy for you to advertise.

Here earning is generated by clicks on ads, also it has referral bonus if you refer them.


You can also visit the website to know more and sign up @ Bidvertiser


10: Revenue Hits


Another good Google Adsense Alternative, it uses the best example for geo-target based advertisement and also contextual ads.

It also pays good and provides different ad types.

They pay according to your performance that is Cost per acquisition (CPA).


You can also visit the website to know more and sign up @ Revenue Hits


The list doesn’t end here and  of course, not the hope, there are much more Google Adsense alternatives like:


Other Adsense Alternative List

  • AdEngage
  • YesAdvertising
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Kontera
  • Yllix Media
  • PopCash
  • PropellerAds Media
  • OIO publisher
  • Prosperent
  • Technorati
  • PeerFly
  • Vibrant
  • DynamicOxygen
  • Clicksor


So from the list, it’s clear that Google Adsense is not the end, and there are many Google Adsense alternatives.

Yes, it’s the best but if you are having hard luck and it doesn’t get approved, don’t worry you still you can choose any one of them from the list and start fulfilling your dream.

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