How get Adsense approval with 15 posts

15 posts and blog approved By Google Adsense:

How to get Adsense approval with 15 posts? Is It Possible? Or a writer is making fool out of reader. The Adsense approval is really a turning point for every blogger and it will also be in your mind.


I think, yes. You are also thinking about the Google Adsense.


Don’t worry my reader. I am giving my words if you will follow the Google Adsense Approval tips and Tricks what I am going to explain here then you can make your chances for  Blog Approval in a limited span of time.


After Reading the last paragraph of the post, you will get more knowledge about the Adsense approval point. Before saying anything, I am giving a free suggestion that nothing will come without doing hard work. New blogger want easily Adsense but it is not possible, few are working hard for getting it and you are new to blog platform so don’t think like Adsense is a really easy process to make money on the internet.


Google Adsense is the world best machine which will generate money for Blog owner. If you are a lazy person then blogging is not for you. If we talk on best PPC then Adsense comes on the first choice. Every new wants passive income and pro blogger is already doing it.


These days Adsense approval is so hard because of a huge amount of wrong blogging tricks. Google terms are now stuck and hard but if you will do hard work in the right way then you can get easily.


Today  I am going to share few ideas so that you can make easy to Adsense for your blog. If you will follow these ideas then surely it will increase your chances for approval.

Now, Let me tell


Adsense Approval  tricks and Tips 2018


 content Good Quality:-

Yes, this is the main part for every blogger. If you will ask any blogger for Adsense then they will suggest you write unique quality content and it is important to grab Adsense. Write a Good quality content which is not available on  the search engine before. If you are thinking that you will copy from other blog and you will get Adsense then you are wrong. It will never happen. First, write a unique post at least more than 15 and then go for Adsense. Your post words should have more than 1000 word, it will increase the chances. Don’t go with few post or less word written a post, Google will not approve your blog.


Blog Domain Age

This is the second thing which is for only Asians. Google have declared about it for Asians that before applying Adsense, your domain age should be 6-month-old.

Make blog User-friendly:-

If your website theme is not so good and it is very difficult to understand or read then you have fewer chances. On web and mobile screen, theme and your blog resolution should be fitted. Make clean your blog design. If possible then create a sitemap for it there are more plug-in is available on WordPress.

Privacy and Contact Information which is required:-

Before Applying, there are many terms and important stuff which much be mind. Google wants to know some information from your side that is

  • Your Mail Address –  give as your mail address it will be left good impression as compared to
  • Your Phone Number
  • About us page on your blog
  • Contact Us page on your Blog
  • Sitemap for your blog –

The above listed all things will increase your chances and surely you will go in the right way.


Top-level domain looking like professional:-

you are one of them whose thinking is like with WordPress self-hosted or blogger or another free domain site provided name is enough for approval then you are wrong. Daily millions people are doing such stupid things so don’t make you like them. Spend 1$, and buy a custom domain. If you are on Blogger  then redirect your custom name with Blogspot. your blogger name, this domain name is not enough to get approval so redirect this name with a custom domain for your blog like However, I strongly want to give a good suggestion go with a self-hosted platform. It gives professional look and increases the chances. But your money budget is not so like then go with


Don’t put Illegal Content:-

your blog page or post have any unwanted test, link, a video or other stuff then remove that. Google hate such a kind of material and never approve your blog with illegal content. Illegal contents may be porn, unwanted pop-up, forcibly advertisement etc


It is the main issue – Copyright Problem:-

It is the main part. The new bloggers are doing nowadays. They do not want to research on the topic. They simply copy to other blog content and put on their blog. This is really bad idea. If you are one of them then you can not get approval from the google side. Google is so fast and advance as compared to you so don’t try to make fool to Google. Copyright play the main role for your Adsense approval. Don’t use that image which is copyrighted.


Other factors:-

Your age- 18 years is required

Language –  if your blog is in the English language then no problem otherwise check in Google the language list which is available on Google terms and condition page.

Remove other add if available on the page if you are using already Google alternative source to earn money on your blog to show the ads or banner then before applying remove all after then go to apply.

Have Only one Account on Google Adsense:-

if you are already using Adsense account and you are going to the second one then you are again going on the wrong way. One account is enough to put add on your whole blog. In future, Google will never approve your account



Finally, I want to give suggestions, first prepare your blog according to Google AdSense policy. work on every point which is necessary for approval. First, confirmed that you fulfilled all stage or requirement then apply for Google Adsense. I am damn sure, if you will follow the trick which is explained on above paragraph then 100%, your Blog will be approved at first apply.

if Google rejects your blog then search that point or section in your Blog which is not mentioned and required for the Adsense approval. any other stuff,  which is hated by the Google, remove that. you can  take suggestions. Pro-Blogger will definitely help you if you ask politely. Remember one thing, pro-Blogger struggle for Time management so if they are not replying it does not mean, they did not want to help you.

In the last sentence, I want to welcome you in my post comment. you can freely ask any question related to Google Adsense. I will surely help you.


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