Amazon Affiliate Program to Make Money – Step by Step Ultimate Beginners Guide

Today, I will discuss the Amazon Affiliate Program to make money online through promoting the Amazon products.


Amazon Affiliate Program is the first choice to make money online when a blogger or product promoter talks about the Affiliate Marketing.


In affiliate marketing network, CJ, CLICK BANK, SHAREASALE and Amazon Affiliate Program, are known to be very good but Amazon is well-known to all of them.

It is most popular Affiliate marketing to make fast money among the bloggers and promoters. Amazon has made a huge market in UK, US, and INDIA.


People’s first choice has become Amazon for online marketing. With its marketing Strategy and Trust, it has been as successful as the customer’s trust.


Today, I will tell you to make the money through the Amazon or any Other Affiliate Network or Affiliate Programs step by step. I will guide from A to Z.


Let’s know what I will cover in this post. I do not know how long this post will be, but yes, I know that by reading this post today you will start an Amazon Affiliate blog or own website for yourself within 1-2 Days.

I promise you that after reading this post, you will not need to get any more posts on Amazon Affiliate Guide.

Like this –


  • How to earn money online from Amazon Affiliate.
  • How to make money through Amazon Affiliate.
  • Amazon Affiliate Guide to make money online etc.
  • How to start Amazon affiliate niche to make money fast.


If you are Beginner for Affiliate Marketing. you have not ever heard about affiliate marketing then let me first tell you about affiliate marketing program.

If I explain to you in a very easy language, what is affiliate marketing will be like this.



What is Affiliate Marketing?


Let’s understand affiliate in a very simple language.

Suppose I make products and I’m selling the products directly to the customer and I’m doing my earning.

Now, you come and speak that I can sell the product that you have made. Instead, you have to give me a commission.

And then I’ll tell you the commission rate on each of my products.

amazon affiliate program, how to make money through amazon affiliate program



Finally, our deal becomes permanent. And you now start the promotion of our product offline or online according to our terms and conditions.

You start by telling the people about the quality and limit of that product by making a video, through your website, through social media.


So that people pay for that product, and your commission becomes more and more.

So now you know what affiliate marketing is. So let’s now know about Amazon that what is affiliate marketing?


What is Amazon Affiliate /Amazon Associate Marketing?


Amazon is the world No 1 E-Commerce Site where sellers add their product and buyer purchase that product.

Digital products and local marketing and services are also provided with Amazon Physical Products.


Here Amazon gives you or the rest of the promoters a chance to make money to promote the Amazon’ Products and Services.


So we talked about Amazon Affiliate and we know that what is Amazon.

Now let us know…


What is the Amazon Niche affiliate site?


If the Amazon affiliate site explains in a very easy language, then it would be like this.

Suppose, You have a blog or website where you give the review for the different products to help the buyer and suggest them through your affiliate link.


If the buyer arrives at your site and reads the review of their searched product, then to buy it, click on your well-connected affiliate link and reach the original site of that product.

Well, the link you requested was your affiliate link, so if the buyer purchase of that product then your commission will be made for that sale.


It is a matter of fact that if you have made any such site or blog where you help the people through the review and you are earning yourself by suggesting your affiliate link.


Let us know that this type of site or blog is known only by the name of affiliate site or blog.

if I say is an Amazon Affiliate Niche site then it will be wrong because I am not promoting any product of Amazon with my affiliate link.


Well, now I introduce you to the world’s best Amazon Affiliate niche site. which primary income comes from the Amazon Affiliate Commission.

Top and Best Review site which make money to promote the Amazon Affiliate linked products.




On top, I have named the site 5. Millennium Visitors visit each month on these tickets. Due to which the owner’s monthly income is also in the million.

This is the name of only 5 sites. Let me tell you, there are such Millions Amazon Affiliate Sites in the World. And every site is earning something through Amazon affiliate programs niche site.


So, Do you also want to be an Amazon Affiliate marketer? Do you also want to promote the product of Amazon to earn money online?

yes …….

Ok…….. so first of all, I would like to ask you a question. Do you also want to come to the Millennium Worldwide Promoters of Amazon Affiliates whose income is not like a pro? Or if you come in the top 100, you also want to earn a million in every month.


The decision will depend on you. I tell you if you want to make money online through the Amazon affiliate program then you have to work hard. if you can not then don’t spend your valuable time here.


But if you want to earn money without spending more money then follow me which I am going to tell you in bellow lines.


there are many product categories available on Amazon. I will say almost all products. so you have great chance to select your favorite Product because you can write the better review for that product if you are already aware of that.


Now I’m going to share the main points of this post with you so that you know what I am telling about in front of the Amazon Affiliate Program in this post.


Everything, every topic that needs to be known about. So that you do not have to face any problems after starting the Amazon affiliate program site.


I want to promise you once again that after reading this post properly, you will not have to ask any question related to Amazon Affiliate from Google    – So now you have to think of yourself which topic you are perfected.


What you will enjoy writing about niche so you have to think of yourself which topic you are perfected. What you will enjoy writing about.



Main Topics, those will be covered in this Post –


Sign up/Joining the Amazon Affiliate/Associate program.

Finding and analyzing Products idea which will be better to earn extra and win the trust of the customer.

Domain Name Selection for Amazon Affiliate Niche

Best Hosting Plan which will work fast

Setup your blog after purchasing the Domain and Hosting Plan

WordPress Setup and Setting

Best Theme selection for Affiliate Niche

Best Plugin Selection for Amazon Affiliate Niche.

First post with fully SEO optimized,  high-quality content and in the flow of best review style.

Best knowledge and practice of On Page SEO for your niche site

Best knowledge and Tricks of the Off Page SEO

Link Building Method and Tricks

SMO- Social Media Optimization for Your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

How to increase Traffic to boost my niche site.

Increase the Conversation Rate

how to start to make money with Amazon fast – Cheat sheet

How much you can earn through the Amazon Associate

Different types of marketing and promotion strategy for your niche site

Finally, Trace your daily income and give party and money to your family

Say thanks to me and also write something for me and my post whatever good or bad.




How to find the Perfect niche for my New Amazon Affiliate Program Blog or Website?



oooh, I think it will be very tough for you if you are a beginner in Blogging or Affiliate marketing.

Do you know? Why I am saying like this? because when I was beginner then I was also confused for the Starting Niche. I did not understand.


On what topic should I start blogging or create a website or affiliate marketing affiliate? At that time, I was completely confused. I often used to ask people what would be the right topic.

And let me tell you that I got the same answer from the people every time.


The topic that you do not bore in writing the topic will be correct. Start blogging only on the topic that is your interest. But this thing happened to blog.

We come to the theme of Amazon. You have selected Amazon Topic because you want to write a review of the product.


You have prepared yourself well for this. If so, you are reading this post. Or it may be that you have not yet thought.
If so, then I would like to assure you that after reading this post to the last line, you will definitely think about Amazon affiliate marketing.


Finding a suitable topic is not a difficult thing to do. Yes, it is a matter of time that your selection should be correct when searching the topic or else there will be many problems later on bringing traffic to your blog.

If I give all the subjects of the Internet world in different zones, then only 3 types of topics will be exposed.


  1. Very High competition niche/ topic
  2. Middle or Average Competition Niche
  3. low or Very Low Competition Niche


Very High competition niche/ topic:-  


High-competition niche can never be right for a beginner. If I explain to you an example So how do you feel about the digital camera?
Just think about mobile and laptops.


You know, some of the biggest news companies in the world, which give the review about the products.

All these companies and big bloggers already have reviewed all the electronics gadgets and high demanded Products with about 4000+ words.


As you can see, as well as their very large search engine optimization team has given all those content to high rank in the search engine.

You have just started thinking, but the other people have been working on that topic for a long time.


Well, so much so far, you have to understand that you will have to work very hard to get them down to the rank of a search engine. If I speak frankly, for a beginner, money also matters.


If you select High Compatibility Topic, it will be difficult to rank in the search engine.For this reason, you may not start your blog while targeting high-competition topics/niche.


Middle or Average Competition Niche:- 


Yes, you can do it. However, I will not say that it will be very easy to rank in the search engine,

but if I compare it with high-competition topics then it would be right. you can rank your keywords by doing hard work. Together, if you have money, you will get a good result to promote your blog.


Otherwise, there is not much to gain here too.  You have to give premium look to your website or blog.

You have to resort to a lot of promotional stuff to give high ranking to your blog. If you want to invest a little money, then these middle type keywords can be very good to earn online.


You have to give premium look to your website or blog. You have to resort to a lot of promotional stuff to give high ranking to your blog.

If you want to invest a little money, then these middle type keywords can be very good to earn online.


Read further, you will know. which keywords have high competition, which has the middle level and which have low competition?


Low or Very Low Competition Niche:-


yes, if you are beginner then I will highly recommend you. I will say to this here that if you accidentally selected High Compatibility Topic before reading this post and are working on it and you are not getting success, then delete it now and start a new start again With Low Competition Keywords.


I am saying this for the reason that many people in this world who have been blogging since long ago.

All those people have worked hard for ranking in Google and it would be very difficult for you to drop down their rankings.


It would be best for you to search low-competition keywords. Understand this thing carefully.

If you are able to give you 1 keyword top rank in Google search engine If the daily search is only 1000, then just mind that the keyword is giving you 30000 traffic in the month.


If you are able to rank similar 10 keywords then Daily will have 10000 traffic to your blog.

Being a Beginner, this is not a bad option. But if you are thinking that you can bring so much traffic with high-compliant keywords, then you are wrong.


Do you know why the 1000 Daily Search keywords might be good for you?
Let me tell you that people who are very big bloggers do not even pay attention to these keywords.


So if you get the same competency in it, then only meets the Beginners. Which you can easily beat. But you can not beat a professional blogger easily in ranking.


Google keyword, krishna blog tips, blog tips, keyword competition,


In this picture, the “affiliate marketing program” is a high-demanded keyword. It is very difficult to downline this keyword in ranking.


Now the looks at the keyword “top affiliate program” it comes in the Medium keyword, that means you can lower it in the rank but for that, you have to invest money. And too much work to be done together.


Now you will see above “affiliate links”. This is a low demand keyword. This Monthly 1000 to 10000 people are searched to get the answers to type in the Google search engine. If you work hard on this keyword, you can easily see your keyword at the top of the search engine.


This Monthly 1000 to 10000 people are searched to get the answers to type in the Google search engine. If you work hard on this keyword, you can easily see your keyword at the top of the search engine.

Well, so far you know about 3 types of keyword competition. And by now you may have even come to know what type of keywords you select for your blog and target it.


You have to select the product of Amazon while targeting the keyword. That’s why you need to pay too much attention to the keyword if you want to earn good revenue from Amazon.

So in simple language, now you can keep these things in mind, select your subject.





How to Select Profitable Products in Amazon category to make High Revenue:-



how to make an idea to find the best product for high revenue. As you know the importance of the Niche so far. It is also known that what type of competition is available for a different level niche.

The matter of the topic is done. Now the main issue is that the Amazon product should be selected and promoted so that the revenues get more and more.


Correctly speaking, there is no such product left on Amazon, which is less of a competition. Small blogs are open for every Amazon product.

I am not reducing your enthusiasm by telling you all this. I am talking about this so that you have a right thinking and target with your hard and smart work with your enemies who are already in the market.


Finding a product in Amazon is not a very difficult thing to do. And you will have to make up this mind so far that you have to work on which topic.

So simple, you can search the Amazon product from your topic and start promoting it with your affiliate link on your blog.


I’m going to tell you through the picture that you can promote the type of product on Amazon.



krishna blog tips, amazon product category, amazon menu, amazon all product

Amazon product category, krishna blog tips, amazon affiliate guide, money earn from amazon affiliate product

amazon product category, krishna blog tips,

amazon product list, amazon product category, krishna blog tips


If you are thinking that any other blogger of Already has promoting Amazon product. Follow his blog and steal the idea from there and bring it to your blog. So I tell you, do not spoil such a time.

Amazon product category is the best option. If you want to search the product then start searching the product with the Amazon product category according to your blog topic.


You will get a lot of ideas from here that you have to select some products according to your blog topic. The image above is just a list of Amazon’s product category.


If you click on these products then you will also get a list of subcategory lists of many products inside it.

In a simple perspective, you do not need to go anywhere for a related blog from Amazon Topic. Amazon’s product category is enough.


Take a look at this picture below. When I click on main grooming, how many sub-products have become and opened.



krishna blogtips, amazon sun category product, amazon affiliate guide, earn money from amazon affiliate, amazon affiliate program


Different types of product shows are being seen in the top of the picture given above. If you click on those products then you also get sub-category of that product. So you have a lot of option.


When you select Amazon’s product then there are some things to remember:-


  • Your commission is 1-8% so there will be no use to promote the 1-10 dollar product by working hard.
  • Think in your mind about how much cost you have to promote so that if your promoted product posts rank in Google then your profit is good.
  • Let us promote a good product. Never promote products that no customer has ever rated up to.
  • By the way, promoting a product with a rating of 4+. If the products are not available with a 4+ rating, then promote 3.5+ ones. But never promote a low rating product. By promoting a low rated product, you will lose your customer trust. And if once the trust of the customer was reduced from your site or blog, believe me, the customer will not come back to your blog or site.
  • Target products that are more demanded in the current
  • The best seller option comes on Amazon. From where can you find out which product of this time is going on more sales
  • The best selling product also comes with an option and this option is also open for you.
  • Let us tell you that people today adopt these methods to search for a product. For example, Phone – Best Phone Under $ 200 or Best Android Phone or Best Feature Phone or Best Battery Backup Phone or Best Camera Phone.
  • People also search the product in Google with category keywords such as –
    Best electric shaver
    Best home theater
    Best drill machine


Apart from the Amazon product category, if you want to do something else, let’s find out more about the Amazon Affiliate Program’s product.



By checking the sitemap of your favorite Amazon Affiliate Program site or blog:-


By checking the site map of the related blog from your favorite Amazon affiliate program, one can get an idea of which keyword needs to be promoted with the keyword in the market.

You do not need to spoil your time by searching every single blog post from any other blog. You just open the sitemap of their blog. From that, the list of all the topics posted on that blog will be known simultaneously.

For the example, see this site map of my site In this list, I have posted so far, you will be shown with a link in the list together.


krishna blog tips, krishnablogtips, krishna blog tips sitemap


So you will find such an idea that the type of product you want to promote is if you want to do as well as those sites.



Use Google Keyword Planner for getting an idea about the product keyword:-


In addition, you can use Google Keyword Planner to search for keywords. If you are searching for free keyword finder tools, then there is no better tool than this.


Google keywprd planner, krishna blog tips, amazon affiliate guide , amazon affiliate program


OK, so as you can see in the picture above that I only searched DSLR in Google Keyword Planner. And according to the location, you selected in the Google Keyword Planner, the record of the last 12 months comes to you.

Another option is free. Whenever you search something on Google, you get a related result from your keyword on the SERP page.


Along with this, the footer on the SERP page shows some more keywords related to your search keywords.

Just look at the picture given below.


I searched Crowdfunding in Google. When I scrolled down to the first page of SERP, I found these keywords as a suggestion from Google.


amazon affilite guide, amazon affiliate program, amazon affiliate

Few more Pro Software to find the Keywords for getting an Idia with full detail of other Blog or site:-


If you want to try premium software then it will be a great deal for you.

I am saying this because, with the premium keyword software, you get to know a lot about your competitor with the long tail keyword.


I am going to write the name of the software which I am writing below. All these software is used by professional bloggers.


And I promise you that if you used it properly, then that day will not be far away. When I will be forced to speak professional blogger to you in my blog post


  1. SEMRush
  2. ahrefs
  3. longtailpro



If you want to try premium tools for keyword research, then I would not want to do any other suggestion except these three. Let’s say that in all three of these, it is exactly what all professional or specialist bloggers use it


  • You can see high ranking keywords of the competitor’s blog or website. Who is going ahead of you and who is following you. you can see and analyze everything related to your competitor.
  • You can know the everything about the Advertisement and budget of your competitor’s Plan. So you have a good chance to beat him.
  • You can see the competitor and publisher and their running plan. you can find out the top ranked competitors and publishers.
  • You can know about the backlinks of your competitors, from where the backlinks of his blog or website have come from. What kind of backlink is?
  • If he is running any campaign then you will be known the details about that too. so you can beat easily your competitor.



How to Select the Profitable Domain Name for My Amazon Affiliate Niche?


Whenever you are or myself, listening to the domain name (.COM) extension comes to mind.

And I will not have any hesitation in saying that this is really the first choice of the people living in any corner of the world if they want to do in the online business world.


Domain Name Selection:


Two types of domain names are targeted primarily if the domain names, except extensions, are discussed.

Either you buy a domain name to give your company a “brand name”, which is related to your company name or you buy a domain name related to your business name or product name or service name.


Example of the Brand Name Domain


If I talk about brand names,, it has been a domain name similar to that of a brand name. Krishna who is my name. Blog tips, meaning Krishna gives tips here on the blog topic. is also a Brand Name related to Blog Niche.

See what happens when I’ll search Krishna blog tips on Google


krishna blog tips, krishna blog, blog tips, krishna sharma blog, krishna mohan blog


Example of the Product or Services Domain

If I Talk about the domain name targeting any Topic or Product then as an Example

As the name of this domain seems to be the website of the coupon type or the product price comparison site. As the name of this domain seems to be the website of the Digital product review.

Domain name selection, krishna blog tips, krishna blog, krishna sharma blog, krishna mohan blog

See this picture above. When I searched the keyword  “Coupon” in Google search engine, the first site came

after that The number of sites listed is available.Everyone has the word of which I have searched on Google. Which is a coupon.


So Finally

Do not deny this fact to me that whenever you are buying a domain, then pay attention to this if you can. If possible, then you should buy a domain name with keyword related to your business or services or Brand name.


Best Extention for the Domain Name?


.COM is your first choice when you buy a domain name. There is a bit of trust in the people of the world in “.COM”

TOP Level Domain (TLS)

I would like to ensure you here that besides”.COM” domain Extention, there are many extensions which are at the top level. like

  • .net
  • .org
  • .edu

All these extensions are very popular at the global level. according to their use.


Now come to the country level. If you want to target a country and If you do not have any point in any country in the rest of the world then you can buy domain extensions according to your preferred country.


See the Example

“In” Domain Extention mainly used for targeting Indian Traffic

“au” for Australia

“UK” Domain Extention for the United Kingdom

“ca” domain Extention for Canada

Apart from this, too many extensions come for different purposes.  you can check here


My Suggestion- 

Yes, if you want to ask me which domain extension would be right for you, then I would say only “.COM”. There is a possibility of traffic coming from the whole world on this Domain Extention. so it will also help to Make money online through Amazon Affiliate program or any other Affiliate program or services 


How to Generate Domain Name Idea with related to my Topic or main keyword:



ok, so you want to earn money online to make a perfect blog or Affiliate product blog or website but You do not understand how to create a great domain name.

You are confused about the name of your blog whether this name is correct or not.

Am I Right?


No Problem My dear

I have a very easy way to remove these configurations. You stop thinking. And just think of what keyword you have to keep your domain name.

I’m giving you a list of some sites that will help you find the domain with your keywords.





As I saw in the picture above, I went to this site and searched the sexy Keyword in the search box. And this site gave me 3016 words with my sexy keyword.

I feel like I have a lot of options now to select a domain name that matches my keywords. And now you have too many options. Just need to search the domain name with the right keyword.




krishna blog tips, krishna sharma blog, krishna mohan blog, Domain Extention Tools list


This site is slightly different from the previous site but the work is equal.

I searched a keyword in the last one and many of the corresponding words were there.


But here you are getting the suggestion of the Domain Extension with the keywords you searched for.

Apart from this, there are lots of online sites which will help you in these cases.



ufff ……….

so Finally you are ready to buy by thinking of the name of the domain.



Which is the best site for registering domain names:-


Where to buy domain names? If you think so, do not panic. As far as I think, there are only 2 sites where you should register your domain name.



Yes, this is the only two site that is very popular for the domain name.

Other Domain Resistor Sites-


Average Cost of the Domain Name – 1 $ (only for the first year after that at renewal time will be normal cost)



How To select the Fast Web Hosting Services for Amazon Affiliate program Niche


Web Hosting is really the main part of your own blog. If you accidentally purchased a wrong hosting, then understand that whatever traffic your hard work was going to come, it will not come anymore.


Choosing a hosting should be very careful. If you select your wrong hosting, you will regret later or you will be able to buy new hosting again. That means waste your money in spare.

So I would like to suggest that before buying a hosting, you must consult an expert.
Do not fall for the company’s advertising.

There are a lot of companies in the market which are offering very cheap hosting. And I would like to alert you that never buy cheap web hosting. This will drop your site and your earnings down

Let me tell you the name of some good web hosting site.


Best Light and fast Web Hosting Solution List

  4. iPage
  5. NameCheap
  6. HostGator
  7. SiteGround

If you ask me what would be the best of them. So I’ll tell you two best web Hosting  names without thinking. And that’s Bluehost and Inmotionhosting. Both of these are the best in my eyes, if you are serious about your blog then you can select from any of them.


You will get hosting on these sites at half the rate for the first year.

These sites which I have mentioned above are professional bloggers’ first choice. So you do not have to doubt these sites.
You can select anyone according to your budget and your needs.



so now you have purchased the domain name too. It is also thinking that on which topic you have to start the blog.
And just now I have told you what web hosting you should buy.

So after buying web hosting, you will need to adjust your blog’s settings.

So now I’ll tell you the setting of the blog.

But I would like to take a break earlier, you too go and get refreshed, come back and sit comfortably and…

yes, do not forget to bookmark it in your mobile or laptop.

Come on, if you have forgotten – search the blog by writing Krishna blog tips, It will be enough for you to reach me next time.


How to do Setting of my Amazon Affiliate Program or any

Niche Site

Setup Amazon affiliate store on WordPress website is not so hard 


So, ultimately, by doing topical research, by choosing a domain name, selecting a web hosting service, ready to prepare one of your blogs,
I also believe that you earn a lot of money from your blog and do not forget about thanking me.


WordPress Platform is the Best Option to start a blog without any Coding knowledge

The CMS which will be required to create a blog is WordPress. There is no better platform than WordPress in today’s world.

It gives you the freedom that you can do anything on your blog. Whatever you can think, you can do everything through a plugin here.

Whether it is talk of e-commerce, talk of travel, talk of payment gateway, talk about image blog, talk about product reviews, talk about a coupon site, talk about promoting a product, making a brand of a company Yes, it is a matter of collecting emails, you will find many plugins for everything.


Please Help me, I want to setup up my Amazon Affiliate Program Niche:-

So now you have to setup your blog so that you can promote the product with the Amazon affiliate link on your blog and earn a lot of money as a commission.


Let me also tell you everything one by one. How do you start up your blog?

So far, you have purchased the domain name and have also purchased the hosting.



So clear
You have one of your own domain names.

But here I will explain you an example by subdomain. If you have a domain name, you can create a subdomain in free., this is the domain name of my blog, and I have made a subdomain in c-panel of my hosting.

The name of the subdomain I used to explain everything to you is

You have a good hosting too.


I just do not know which one you plan on hosting. Yes, I can tell so much that I have explained to you very well which company and why it should take.


I have a hosting plan of Inmotionhosting (PowerPlan) And further by this I will explain to you everything.



First of all, you open your hosting site in your laptop’s browser. And go to that site and sign in with your user id and password

As I have done in the picture given below, by going to the site of Inmotion.


wordpress blog setting, krishna blog tips, amazon affiliate program, earn money through amazon



When you sign it, you will find an icon inside of which will be a “cpanel”. 

Carefully look in the picture below. cpanel is in the red colored circle.


wordpress blog setup setting, krishna blog tips, krishna sharma, amazon affiliate program, online money earning by amazon


After the opening of cpanel,
The script option will come in which you will see the WordPress icon.


wordpress blog setting, setup, krishna blog tips, amazon affiliate program, online earning


As soon as you click on the WordPress icon, the button to install will appear on the screen. Look in the picture below


wordpress blog setting, krishna blog tips, krishna sharma, amazon affiliate program



After clicking the Install button, you will get some such screen. As far as the picture below, you must select your domain name or subdomain name here.


amazon affiliate program guide,


amazon affiliate program


After selecting the domain name, write your blog’s name and description. Then select the user id from your mind and select the password from your mind.

And let’s install it by clicking the Install button below.


amazon affiliate program


Once installed, the screen will look something like this with a successful message.


amazon affiliate program


So now your admin URL will be in
As mine


When you open these URLs in a web browser, there will be some such page on your computer screen.

Here you can login with your user id and password.

The user id and password will be the same, which was the time to install it


amazon affiliate program


As soon as you have a login, you will have some such screen with your blog’s dashboard.


amazon affiliate program


After this, first of all, I will call you to select the theme. And I would like to convey that do not put any themes on your blog. The theme with Dirty Coding reduces the speed of your blog, due to which your blog’s bounce rate is accrued.

And then later the traffic of your blog starts decreasing. If you are a beginner, then your blog’s performance could not be corrected and you failed to bring traffic accurately.

Yes, if you are a beginner and you have a problem with money and you can not tolerate that much, then you can make a choice for the free theme, but soon you can buy a good theme by earning money.


How to select the Best theme for my Blog


Let me tell you what is the benefit of a good theme that brings you to the line of Pro Blogger.

Let me also tell you how to select the best theme. And when buying a theme or using a free theme, what should be kept in mind.


amazon Affiliate Program theme, best theme list, krishna blog tips, krishna blog

  • Choose a theme that is mobile-friendly. That is why people today use smartphones and most of their work is done via mobile. If your theme does not work properly on mobile then those people will go to another blog to find their answer. And perhaps even in Google’s futures advice, they will not open your blog link. Your blog has always been useless in their eyes.
  • Whenever you are choosing a good theme, keep an eye on the theme’s size. The theme of the big size is always the problem of loading, it is not just I am speaking but every good and pro blogger has to speak.
  • Always use themes that support your plugin.
  • The theme is worth being flexible. You could use it as you like.


I am telling you the name of some websites where you get good themes, you can buy any theme from here without any hesitation.


  • Genesis Theme
  • ThriveThemes
  • Elegant Themes
  • Theme Forest
  • colorlib theme


How to Add new theme or change the theme on my WordPress Blog


amazon affiliate program , how to earn money online through affiliate program, krishna blog tips,


As you can see in the picture given above that there is a theme option in your WordPress dashboard, from there you can select a new theme or upload a new theme.


Best Plugin selection for your Amazon Affiliate program Niche blog

After selecting the theme, your next work will be to select the plugin.


best plugin list for amazon affiliate program list, best plugin for affiliate marketing, krishna blog tips, krishna sharma blog, krishna mohan


Now I’m going to tell if you have to promote Amazon’s product on your blog, which plugin you have to choose.

Also, if you have to improve the performance of your blog, which plugin is to select. I’m going to give you a list of all the plugins that will help boost your blog’s performance.


Best Plugin for Amazon Affiliate Program Niche site in WordPress



This plugin will block the spam comments on your blog.


Yoast SEO – 

Without it, your blogging is useless. This plugin tells you how to do ON PAGE SEO on your blog. Through this, you can do a lot of settings like Meta Description, Title, Keyword Targeting, Reading Performance for Reader, and more before publishing the page or post, due to which your site will be easy to rank in Google.


WP Super Cache – 

As you may know from its name what its work is. It will work to give speed to your blog in every way.


EasyAzon Pro-

This plugin will help you earn money from your Amazon affiliate link. You can use this plugin to link the Amazon Affiliate product to your blog directly. Which will save you time. When the client opens the link created by this plugin then he will get Amazon product link of his country.


WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

This plugin helps you import products from Amazon in bulk. And by this, you can integrate the Amazon product on your blog like a store.


Amaplug – Amazon Affiliate Plugin

This will help you find Amazon’s best sellers on your blog, as well as help you to design a custom and Custom Post.


Content Aware Sidebars

If you are thinking that every page should have a sidebar show according to your mind, then this plugin is for you. This helps you to use different widgets on every post or page in the sidebar on your blog.


Shortcodes Ultimate

This is my favorite plugin. With this help, I can use any type of button. Or writing a post, it does a lot of help in designing properly.


Contact Form 7

if you want to show the contact form on your blog then it is the best option with different design option.


Table Maker/Table of Contents Plus

Auto Featured ImageIt will help to create the table with color design. through it, you can compare the product features easily.

If you have not added a feature image in any post or page of your blog, then this plugin will generate a feature image according to the title of your post.


Q2W3 Fixed Widget

If you are promoting a product or service then this plugin will help you better. This is fixed in the sidebar and when someone rolls down on your blog, due to this plugin your promoted product will always be shown in the sidebar. Because of which the chances of clicking on it increase.


Autoptimize/CDN Enabler/Fast Velocity Minify/Leverage Browser Caching

This is the name of the four plugins that I have mentioned that helps to make your blog super fast. the error related to java, CSS and more like this will be correct for this plugin.


Wordfence Security/Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening

These plugins are like a firewall that will secure to your blog by attackers from this world. I would like to tell you there are no ideas how many blogs and websites are hacked every day, so just install this plugin to secure your blog.


EWWW Image Optimizer/TP Image Optimizer

These plugins will minimize the size of your uploaded images or all the images you upload so that the speed of your blog increases.



This plugin will keep reporting performance reports for each plugin installed on your blog. And it will continue to tell you which plugin is slowing your site or which one is not working properly.

See My Blog Performance Report on Gmatrix

So, friends, I have mentioned the names of the plugins above. You must install those plugins on your blog.
If your site is not related to the Amazon Affiliate program, then do not install the related plugin from Amazon. But of course, install all the rest.

I show you the performance report of my blog


amazon affiliate program, krishna blog tips, krishna blog speed , krishna sharma best blog speed , page speed of krishna blog


In the picture above, you can clearly see how good my blog’s performance is. GtMatrix has given my blog a score of 95% in Page Speed. If you talk about Yslow score, it is also 81%.

Now I am speaking to you that before installing all the above-mentioned plugins, according to your need and after that you also check loading and page speed performance of your blog.

If you have any problems then ask in the comment box below. I will definitely help you.


Which page is necessary before your First Post


The theme is installed according to your own wishes. Now the plugin has also installed it.
Now there is a need for that page on your blog without which your blog is incomplete.


Write these pages before writing your first post. This gives information on your blog to people. who are you? Which topic is your blog? What is the purpose of creating this blog?


From Where I wrote these pages-

Let us tell you to do not click on the post option to write these pages.
In your dashboard, there will be an option by the name of the page, click on it and write each page according to your blog.

You can view my blog as a sample. This will give you an idea of what you have to write about these pages on your own blog.


After writing all the pages, now come to category options. write a name for the category.

Category of krishna blog tips, amazon affiliate program category


When you are writing a post Then at that time you will get the option to select Kategori, in which category you have to keep this post.


amazon affiliate program, krishna blog tips category list, menu of krishna blog tips

See the picture which is maintain above. This is the category of my blog. For Amazon Affiliate program Niche, You can create categories such as


  • Review
  • Best selling Mobile
  • Men Products
  • Kids Products


Publish your first Post

After creating a category, now come to the post option.


first post on blog, how to write first post for wordpress and amazon affiliate niche , krishna blog tips, krishna sharma


So somehow you have to write your first post. Well, you are going to write about the Amazon Affiliate program product or if you write about any other affiliate program then your post title should be something like this


  • Review of Amazon Fire TV
  • Best Selling Product on Amazon
  • All product under 10$ or 1000$
  • Why you should be select this Nikon camera


If you want to add ideas about other good titles then go to the start of this post. You can go to the site with the Amazon affiliate program and get an idea from there.


menu of amazon affiliate program , krishna blog tips,


Now let’s talk about how to write a post on my blog, which is different from other people.


What is the content strategy for an Amazon affiliate program blog?


Now you have set up your blog. Now need to post killer content on the blog. which helped to your blog viewer.
This is what I am saying for this. because content helps your blog rank on the search engine’s page.

Let me tell you that the content of low quality is not ranked in Google.


If your content is not good and informative, then Visitors will not return to your blog again.

It is a very simple matter, even if I came to the blog, even after telling Google and coming to your blog, I did not get the answer to my question which I had searched on Google.


So again, by looking at the link to your blog, I will not open the link to the blog you have.

If I explain to you in a very easy language, then you can call the content as a King for your blog.

I have even heard that some authors write blogs with Killer content and do not even promote their blog, and their blog comes in Google’s top ranking.


In today’s world, the competition is so much that you will have to promote your blog.

Do not think that you will be writing content like a machine and Visitors will walk on your blog automatically.

Let me tell you how many types of content are predominantly.


amazon affiliate program, krishna blog tips, type of content, informative type content, answer type content, review type content

Giving information content – We are not aware of a topic and we search for it in Google and get its results from our search keywords. This is an informative content from where you got the answers to your question. These types of content are written in maximum 500 words or slightly more if needed.


Top and Best (Products) – If anything is being searched by using Top and Best, then it is mainly being searched about any product. Such as Best Android Mobile, Best Press etc. This content almost gets over 1500 words. In this, you are told about a lot of products. And there is a slight information of every single product.


List Type Content – You can say that writing this kind of content is very easy. I am saying this so because Just a little bit in this we write content And then write the list of the product or list of the company or any other list of which you are writing about.
So it’s easy to write a blog like this. Here you are given a good list like

Best Electronics Company in the USA
Best IT Company In the UK


Product Review – The words size such a type of content depends on the person who writes about how much he knows about the product and how much he can write. If I speak, maybe 1000 words are enough to tell about any product. But if you want it can also be 4000 words


Answer Type Content – Let me explain it with the example. Believe in your Google search that your body weight is 95 kg and you want to reduce 10 kilos in the next 1 month. So what should you do?

In return, Google will suggest a lot of pages, and any type of information you find in those pages will be a type of answer type content.


How got a stupid idea to write something different with an action plan which should be result oriented.


content idea, amazon affiliate program idea, krishna blog tips, krishna sharma blog


If you want to write a result oriented content then Before writing anything, you have to research the keywords on that topic well.


If you want to do keyword research for free, then Google Keyword Planner will be your best option. If it is free then there will be some drawbacks. Well, many pro bloggers say that this is the best option for keyword research.


If you want to research a lot of deeply then Google keyword planner is not the best option for you.


If Google Keyword Planner is not suitable for me then which one will be best for me as per my requirement



Yes, both of these are the best options. They also give your competitor knowledge with the keyword. Together, it also gives knowledge of keywords that Google keyword planner does not know like Long tail keywords.


What should be the length of the content on my blog?


Well, I do not believe in these words, if you write the content of 4000 words then your post will be able to rank.

Can you tell me a simple fact? that if the post with only 4000+ words is ranked well in Google then any post from should not have come to Google’s first page.


If you search any keywords on google which relates to blogging or digital media then I am sure about it that you will definitely get a post from on the first page of Google.

And let me tell you that the length of this site’s posts is 500+ words only. Nowadays it has started writing posts up to 2000 words.


If you ask me how much the length of the post should be, then I will say the thing.
Write whatever words you need in order to speak whatever you want to tell on that topic.


However, if we consider some experts advise then we can say it is easier to rank those posts nowadays in which the content is written in 2000+ words.



What is the right Format to write the best content?


Writing content will not mean that only writing content. There are also ways to write content. How should its flow be?

Content must be written in a format.

This format depends on the topic. But still, I am telling a standard of content format that you can choose if you want.


Let’s understand this through a small info-graphic image.


format of a good content for amazon or affiliate product, amazon affiliate program, krishna infographics image


Point to be Remember when you promote Amazon Product 

  • Never mention the product price
  • force your customer to check prices on Amazon through your Affiliate Link
  • Once, read the Guideline of Amazon Affiliate Program


OK, you have learned to set up your blog yet and have learned to write content for the Amazon products.

Now talk about the submission for Amazon Affiliate program. The approval of the Amazon Affiliate Program is very easy. It’s not as hard as Google Adsense

Amazon affiliate program Sign Up


How To Join Amazon Affiliate marketing program? your answer is here in few lines


 United State Amazon Affiliate program signup/Joining Link – Click Here

United kingdom Amazon Affiliate program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here

India Amazon Affiliate Program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here

France Amazon Affiliate program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here

Germany/Deuteschland Amazon Affiliate program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here 

Japan Amazon Affiliate Program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here 

Canada Amazon Affiliate Program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here

China Amazon Affiliate Program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here 

Itelia Amazon Affiliate program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here

Espana Amazon Affiliate Program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here

Brazil Amazon Affiliate Program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here

Mexico Amazon Affiliate Program Signup/Joining Link – Click Here


Amazon Affiliate Rules and Terms


It is in many wards so it will be better if you go to Amazon’s site to read their rule and regulation to avoid the communication gap.

To Know more – Click Here 



What is the Amazon Affiliate commission rate or Earning or Structure


amazon affiliate program commission rate, earning structure of amazon affiliate program



In the picture given above, it is clear. how much amount of commission you will get on the product promotion.

So this is the Earning Structure of the Amazon Affiliate Program. Now you have to think which product should be promoted.


How Work Amazon Associate/Affiliate Program?


I think I have already told you about the working function of the Amazon Affiliate Program. For this, you will see in the first paragraph of this post.

However, if I want to tell in a few words, then something like that will happen.


When you place links to the Amazon Associate program on your blog in your promotional content. And a buyer gets influenced by your promotion and goes to Amazon from your affiliate link to buy that product, then you get a commission.

Let’s tell you this is not just for Amazon, but this is what happens if you promote any site or product.



Amazon affiliate cookies:-


It is important for you to know what the cookies are.

So, I tell you, when a buyer goes to Amazon’s site from your blog, then by the next 24 hours, if he bought a product then you will get a commission of that product otherwise you will not get it.


one more thing to keep in mind. If the buyer went to Amazon from your site and later he went to some other promotion site and through that website again goes to Amazon, then you will not get the commission.


This is because the browser in which your affiliate link’s cookies were added, now it is not yours but someone else cookies are adds.


Amazon Affiliate Payment Method:-


NEFT (in your Bank account)



What are the Best selling products on Amazon?


You will have to work a little for the answer. Amazon’s site also has the Best Sellers and Best Selling product option, so from there you can see the best selling product and promote that on your blog.


best seller list on amazon, amazon associate program , krishna blog tips


OK, so far you’ve learned everything from buying a domain to setting up a website and opening an account on Amazon to promote the product.

You must also know that this is not enough.

Now you need to know about SEO



How to do SEO for Amazon Affiliate Program Niche or Blog


The Pattern of SEO for  Amazon Affiliate Program Niche site is same.



How to do ON Page SEO for my Amazon Affiliate Program Niche


If you are thinking that without ON PAGE SEO, your blog will be ranked in Google SERP then you are wrong here.

Don’t think so.


If your site has made the shortage of these things then your content will never be able to rank In SERP.


  • A Good Catchy Title which should start with Keyword
  • SEO friendly URL
  • IN Title use – Best, Top, 2017, Top List, Review, Guide, Positive Point to promote the Amazon Products
  • Use <H1> Tag in content
  • Maintain Keyword density up to 2%.
  • Use The Catchy image of your product or category
  • Write your Keyword In the first paragraph
  • Use more internal Link on your post.
  • Try to increase the Site Speed as much as Possible
  • Use LSI keywords In the whole Content area
  • In image write keyword in alt tag section
  • Try to write informative content only. Don’t try to manipulate
  • Use Outbound link on your post or page
  • Maintain more than 1000 words in a post
  • Post Title should be under 65 characters
  • In your post or page URL, Keyword Should be maintained.
  • Use keyword in Subheading if Possible


When you are writing a blog, then at the time, apply all the words above. Otherwise, your written content will be useless in the eyes of ON PAGE SEO Technique.

On page SEo factor, On Page SEo tips, On Page SEO strategy, krishna Blog Tips


So look at the above given above. It is the result of setting according to the rule of Yoast Plugin.

So I would like to force you to make sure – Is Your Yoast Setting color point is Green?


Home pages are not necessarily the same as every blog or website. According to your content, keep it as you like.

Some blog posts are in dynamic style, and This post is in a static style in some blogs.



OFF Page SEO Techniques for Amazon Affiliate Program


There are more than 200 techniques in off-page SEO, which is applied to get a good ranking of a post.

Here I am going to share some techniques with you, that will help you in your selling of Amazon affiliate program products.


Link Building

Link Building is a very good way to give good ranking to your blog.

There are lots of ways to build the backlink, but before adopting every method, accept one thing.

Do not adopt any spamming method. I am saying this because you will ruin your blog in a hurry.


You will find 1000 back links for 5 $ on Fever site. But it is difficult to estimate how bad or good this link will be for your blog.

Build backlinks for your blog, but correctly.

The money will come after a long time but come on, do not worry.


Guest Posting:-

This method is very effective. This requires little effort. If you want to post a guest, you will have to write a post first, then you will have to ask the owner of the site where you want to be a guest and submit the post

Then if he accepts the post you wrote, then after accepting, he will publish the post you wrote on your blog with your name and website.
Now if Millions Visitors come to his site, some people can also visit your website by reading your post.
Just think, if you have guest posting on 1000 blogs, then how much traffic has increased on your blog automatically.


Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is a very favorite for every blogger. every blogger does it every day on regular basis.

But it is a pity that in most of the blogs when you comment on getting the nofollow link. If you believe in me, you get 90% of the blogs, you get the Nofollow backlink. The blogs you go to comment on. 90% of them give you the nofollow backlink.

The blogs you go to comment on. 90% of them give you the nofollow backlink.


If you want to take a follow-up link, then it is important for you to search for blogs that have a DoFollow backlink.

If you want to search blog according to your topic so that when you comment on that blog, you will not be a spammer.

Apply this Method to search relevant  top blog


Search your keywords or relevant topic in “Your Topic”


Topic + “Keywords”


Amazon Affiliate Program Commenting guide , krishna blog tips, blog tips,



Use image sharing Site and post Infographics Image on It:-

Today, a post from Infographics Image is getting popularity very soon. It depends on the image of your created infographics how much the people like it. If people like it more then someone can share it on their blog.

These are some image sharing sites that can help you.


Video Sharing Site

The video sharing site today is above the blogging world. If you do not believe, then look at YouTube. Nowadays people like to watch videos on YouTube instead of Google.

You can do this by making a video of Amazon’s product that you want to promote.


You can tell about the features of the product. Why people can buy a product, share it with related words.

these are some video sharing sites that can help you

  • Animoto
  • Clesh

Profile Creation Site

Profile Creation Sites gives you a straightforward Do-follow Back-link. When you create your profile on a site, the option of the website comes in which you have to fill in the name of your website.

List of profile creation Site list:-

  • WordPress

Social Bookmarking Site list

Nowadays, most of the traffic comes from the social media on the new blog. Think of yourself, the newest news shows you when you are sliding your Facebook time line.


If I’m wrong then you can have your choice by going to the comment box.
But as far as I know, I am absolutely right


And this is the reason that bookmarking of your blog is very important on the social site.



Business Listing site

In the fast moving world, new products of business promotion are coming in the market. And every single way that is promoting digital media is quite effective. This is the site where you can tell the entire world that it is your business and that business address is it.


  • Linkedin
  • Yellow Page
  • White pages


Classified Adds

This is similar to business listings. In this you have to give information about your business. The work inside the business is to be listed on this site, it offers a lot of help to spread your business.


Local Classified Site list

This is a part of classified listing method. This helps us to increase business in local.



Article Submission Site List

In an  Article Submission site, you leave a Summery of your blog post along with a link on a site where many types of blog links are already lying in lots of different categories.

Many visitors here come and read those blog posts. This is Reason, people also go and submit their blog post.



WEB 2.0 Site listing

This site is such where the community talks among themselves. These communities belong to any category. Here you have to keep in mind that whatever your blog belongs to, join the community or form of the same type, otherwise you will be known as a spammer.


Ping Submission Site list

So far, you will hear that Google takes a little time to index your blog’s post. This is absolutely right. But there has been some such site in this world that has helped you in this. If you submit a link to these sites, then it sends news to the whole search engine in the word and helps you to index your blog’s new link in every search engine.



Search Engine Submission Site list

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • Dmoz
  • Baidu
  • Infotiger
  • EntireWeb
  • Anoox
  • Scrub the Web
  • Official


Forum Listing


Document Submission Site List

Here, if you want, you can make a pdf of your blog post and share it. This will increase the traffic to your blog.


RSS Fed – Rich Site Submission Site listing


OK, so almost all the ways I told you how to promote your blog.

as you know there are only two methods of SEO – ON Page and OFF Page

And I have told both methods very well.

Now just need to apply the whole methods which are already mentioned above and after that see the result of your work.


The story of the promotion of your Amazon products does not end there. So far you have promoted the settings of your blog.


The real story will now begin how to earn money from Amazon, through my Blog




Best Practice Guide to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program



How to make money through Amazon associate program? if you have such type of question still then follow my few steps which are maintaining below


Making money from Amazon is easy, if you keep the attention of some things, then.

You know, not just Amazon, but to earn money from any site or blog, the first thing to do is to get traffic.

Traffic is the main part of any blog

As you know without traffic, no matter what type of writing you are going to use.

It is also important to have a great deal of traffic on your blog for a good earning from Amazon.


I’m not just talking about Amazon Affiliate. Rather, talking about any affiliate site or information site or blog.

You tell yourself. If no one comes to your site then why would you write something?

When someone starts reading your blog, you also start having fun in your writing.


I have heard the story of making hero from zero in a few months on Amazon

And my point is 100% true.
You can also become a hero, just need to work hard.


Do not think that you can not get millions of traffic on your blog.

Think about it, whose blogs have billions of traffic.

Why can not you get millions of traffic on your blog when someone is getting billions traffic on the blog?


Double Your Profit With  loyalty and trust

Loyalty and trust can make your sale 10x.

You have to make a good relation with your reader.
When you are talking about a product, keep in mind that what has been said is really true.

If you do not do this then the customer will buy a product once at speaking, but will never buy anything at your speaking again.


You have to keep in mind that you should promote the product that is already known about.
Otherwise, before promoting any product, do a deep research and then promote the product.


By doing so, you will never miss the customer. And always will be a favorite reviewer of the customers.
Whenever someone buys something, he will ask you about the product first.
In this way, you will become popular among the customers.


Use Buy Now Button, it will help to convert more sell.

Yes, this method works very much. It works like an interaction.

Place this button on the first line when you write a product review. Also place in the Last Line as well. This will increase Amazon’s sales from your blog. This is my guarantee.


Try to change the Mood of Customer:

Write something that changes the customer’s mood.

Write something that the customer is forced to obey your words. Be confident that the thing that you are talking about is absolutely right.
And only after a lot of research, say something. There is no need to lie anything.

You share with the customer that every thing he wants to know about before buying the product.


Promote the product according to the topic of your blog.

If you write a blog and have a topic on the blog then promote the Amazon product on your blog according to the topic.

If your blog is related to health, then promote the product related to health.


If you start promoting the product of the kitchen on your health blog then it will not be right.

But if you give tips on health, you will ask the customer to buy a product related to health. The customer would like to know about that product once.


And definitely, click on the link you provided.
If he likes that product then he can also buy

If someone has come to your blog to read about the health topic and there you are promoting a Mobile.

Tell me a reason why a customer will click on your promotional link?


Therefore, according to your blog, remain on the topic and according to the topic, promote the Amazon products on your blog it will give you more profits.


Send your customer to Amazon

As you also know that Amazon is a very favorable option for people to do their shopping.

So you do not have to tell about its brand.
People’s trust is already made on Amazon.


just need. Do not allow any customer coming to your blog to return empty-handed.

You run some magic from your every word on your customer, that he once visited Amazon via your blog.

This will definitely increase your Amazon sales.


Give Proof to your customer:-

When you are telling the specialty of a product, the customer thinks all these things are true or not.

There is a bit of doubt in his mind that if this thing is wrong then?

Now you need to show him social media proof.


You keep an expert point of view for that product.

The buyer has already bought that product. And after using that product, he has been reviewed on any site about it.

Show some proof to the viewer on your blog so that They think that what people are saying about the product they are going to buy.


Avoid promoting the bad Quality product:

This thing is very important for you that never promote a poor quality product.

This will reduce your customers. His trust will not be yours
They will not come back to your blog again.

They will realize that you tell them the wrong thing or you do not have a good knowledge on that products.


Promotion, Deals, Coupons

Let me tell you something inside. You know nowadays when someone goes online to buy something, I go to the coupon or deal type site before.


And this is one of the major reasons that today’s deals and coupons sites are getting more revenue.

Offer to the promotion deal on your blog, this will increase your Amazon affiliate earnings.


Target Seasonal or Holyday Offer:-

If you are also a victim of online shopping, you must have known this very well that at the end of the season or on some special day, the product is available at half the price.


And let me tell you that on these days, the online shop gets huge earnings and the old stocks are almost finished.

Because of the cheap price, everyone makes a big purchase.


So you take advantage of such time too.

Promote some such products on Father Day – Best Gifts list for my father 

Do something similar on other days.


This will help you to increase your earnings and just like on an online shop, your earnings can be very high on these days.


Give more than one link in your post:

I am saying this because suppose you have told about a product on your blog and You just add the Amazon Affiliate product link to the startup.

The reader goes down to reading your whole post. And you have not left any links below.

Now the reader comes out of your blog without clicking on any link.


That means you lost your commission.

If you had left a link below, then your customer will definitely click on the following link after reading out the full post.


So keep the eyes on these addresses that keep the customer linking every time so that he can visit Amazon from your site at any time.


Add each image of your blog to Amazon’s affiliate link


You know when a customer likes the specification of a product, then he wants to zoom in that product’s image.
And you can take advantage of this.


You have to link every single image link on your blog to Amazon’s affiliate link.


Any time a customer clicks on your blog’s image. Then he will go through your links on Amazon automatic.
Just understand that your work is done and your customer too.


Also, target the Related Products

You can add more product related to the product that you are promoting and add the product to your post.
Sometimes it can change the mind of the customer, he can buy other product. Which can prove to be beneficial for him?


The customer does not know about that product beforehand. And you told him. For which he will also bless you.

Suppose you are promoting the camera, then you can add different types of companies’ cameras in your post.


you can suggest the other company camera which can be better than your current promoting camera but at a high price or with other condition.


Pre Order product is always popular among the people:-

you know, when pre-Booking start of any products that means. The product is about to be viral or it has been already.


Pre-booking is always of good products. Have you ever heard of pre-booking of any bad quality product?

So before the arrival of a product in the market, for which people were waiting very earnestly.


You can do very good Earning by promoting it.


How much you can earn through the Amazon Associate?


This question is very interesting. I am saying this for the reason that if you read and follow the whole Strategy of Making Money tips through the Amazon Affiliate Program given above very well then it may be possible to earn a lot  of money or not even a single $.

So it depends on you how much you earn from Amazon.

If you work smart by understanding the right promotion fact or the other factor that needs to be done for the Amazon Associate to earn money, then your earnings may be so much that you have never even dreamed in a dream.

If you want then you can earn money through Amazon Affiliate Program in five or Six Figure ($$$$$$).

I am speaking with so much faith that there are many people in the World who are making money in this figure every month.
If other people in the world can earn money then why can not you earn?

Are you less than anyone or do you have any doubts?
If this is the case then you can not earn money.

And if you have a sense, You also have brains, You feel like you can do something like the other people, then I promise that you can earn as well as other people.

It is absolutely true that you can also earn $$$$$$.


At last, Krishna’s Request


Let’s get the time to take the time off from you. I’ve probably put 15+ days to write these posts.

These posts are written by searching too deep so that when someone reads this post once, it does not have to read anymore posts related to Amazon’s topic.

I am convinced that I have written almost all the topics that need to be known for Amazon Affiliate and have explained well how to work if you want to be a good affiliate marketer too.

However, if I miss a topic, then I request you to comment in the comment box so that I can make this post better for anyone else.

Together I will also plead that if you read this post and felt that I have really worked hard behind this post then I would definitely like to hear a compliment in the comment box. I would be happy to know that the post I wrote, the post is so helpful for the people.

If after reading all the post, even if you have some doubts then you can type in the comment box and ask. I would be happy to help you.


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