White hat and Black hat SEO- Difference between Black and white hat SEO

White hat and black hat SEO, both are the techniques to do the SEO and for getting high rank to generate traffic. As the name suggests  it is quite clear about these techniques. White hat SEO will work like a good thing and black hat SEO will work like a bad thing.

Some blogger used to choose the black hat SEO for generating more traffic on their blog.They used to do it but they are not ignored and get punished by the google or other search engine platform.

here, I am describing all the points which will clear the difference between white hat and black hat SEO.


What is White Hat SEO:-

  • When a blogger follows all steps which are provided by the search Engines, it is a part of white hat SEO.
  • Content indexing must not be fake.
  • Write a proper article with proper keywords. Don’t use the wrong keyword for wrong content for getting more traffic.
  • First, try to give the solution to the reader and then focus on the search engine results. So try to write the best proof including best article so that reader could easily find the answers for the keywords he was looking for.
  • Your article should be of good quality with proper and least grammatical errors.
  • Your page title should be of limited words with including keywords.
  • Keywords density should be proper in your article.
  • At last, in a final word give a perfect solution to the reader, Don’t make a fool out of them otherwise, they will never like to visit again on your blog.


Black Hat SEO:-

Black hat SEO means you are generating traffic but by the wrong way. This way will be harmful to your blog.

Here, I am giving some examples of black hat technique. I will suggest how could you avoid it. Google will never approve your blog if you are doing it on your blog to drop more traffic.

  • Redirection of the wrong page – your keyword is about another topic but  your page matter is  on a different topic. Think about it, Suppose a visitor opens your page for SEO topic but your content is about a health topic, means the content he found there was totally different. In such case, an organic visitor  will never come back on your blog.
  • Don’t repeat the fake keywords on your different topic content. This type of technique is known as the “Meta Tag Stuffing” and google hates it.
  • Never use the excess keywords on your page. Always keep in mind about the keyword density. It should be 2-3 % on your page. Suppose your page has 1000 words then use your keywords for 20 – 30 times. The process of using excess keywords on your page is known as the “Keyword Stuffing”.
  • Do not make more sites with same contents.


There are 2 techniques to do the SEO namely White hat and Black Hat SEO. First one is the best which is known as the white hat technique and the second one is black hat technique which is a bad way to do SEO.

I would like to suggest if you are doing SEO to get the approval of Google Adsense then go with White hat technique and if you want to promote your business or just only want more traffic on your page then you can try black hat SEO.



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