Best Tips to Improve Website or Blog Google Indexing

As you know Google is one of the most powerful search Engine in the World but Google is not only a Search Engine,it is also the best source to get free organic traffic for a website. Google indexing is the Heart of any blog. Google Indexing acts like the First important page of any book where index is mentioned. Google indexing is not an easy part of SEO. You should be smarter in putting the right index for your blog in google or some other Search Engines. Here I am describing some important ways how to do smart indexing. I am sure that it will help you.


Tell Google about your presence:-

A Submission form is available through Google and You have to tell them about your new blog so that Google can publish your website when a user searches a topic which is related to your blog topic.At that time Google will suggest the viewer about your blog or directly the article on your blog. Google indexing the best way to generate back link. There are several tools available in the market which generates backlink but you should avoid them because there is a possibility that these tools would work like a spammer for your blog.


Your Blog Optimization factor:-

There are some factors which should be always kept in mind. You need to sure about it that factors like your blog sitemap, Efficient internal link, Correct permalink structure, Correct HTML code etc are correct & accurate for right optimization.


Get Link from the best Blog or Website:-

If you want to get high search ranking and best organic traffic for your Blog then note down this point that your Blog content quality is among the best and is also unique from other articles.

Target the best Blog for getting the backlink for your blog. One link from the best blog is far better that 100 link from a normal blog.


Time to Time monitor Your blog For Best result:-

If you don’t monitor your blog then how would you come to know that where you are lacking. So time to time monitoring of your blog can improve and bring you the best result from your blog.



Other factors To improve the Google Indexing:-


  • Keep updating your site content on regular basis.
  • Generate a sitemap for your blog and link it to your blog home page.
  • Do not use duplicate content on your blog. It creates a confusion for search Engine.
  • Focus more on reducing the loading time of your blog.
  • If possible then use the ping services.
  • Image optimization plays a vital role for any post and page.Optimize your image properly before uploading and it must not be of large size.
  • Regular monitoring and optimization are required for google crawl.
  • Generate the Robots.txt file. it will help to block the unwanted pages and posts.
  • Submit your site in some good directories. it will help you to get more traffic.


At last, If you follow the above-mentioned points for your new blog then it will surely help you to find more traffic on the blog.

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