Blogger vs WordPress: Why Blogger is Better!

Blogger vs WordPress

As you know about it that there are two different types. But best option to start blogging as a professional.  First one is and the second one is

If you will google, which one is better to start the blog then you will surely find the answer that Word Press is better to start for a long-term and professional blog.

Someone will suggest you if you want to start a blog then go with blogger it is totally free and best option to learn about blogging to spend some time at blogger.

Now, after searching for it, you will get confused.

Now I want to clear about it. If you have more money and want to spend your money on blogging to learn something without thinking despite it will return as my income or not. then surely go for if you do not want to spend your money or you are already facing money problem but still, you want to do blogging to earn money then go with because it is totally free platform for everyone. You can make enough money from

Now I am going to show why you should go with There are many reasons but some of important are here………

Blogger Vs WordPress

  • User interface is so responsive

Blogger is so responsive platform as compared to another free platform. If you will work hard then it’s interface design is not bad. It gives a lot of color option with great dynamic and classic design theme which is free for you. You can select from them.

  • Create more Blog with one Account

Now, If you decided to go with blogger, you have the option to create more blog within one account. With pleasure, I would like to inform you that 100 blogs can be created with your one blogger ID. But here I want to suggest as a good blogger that never go with multiple blogs, just create one blog and work hard for that. It is the better chance to earn more money as comparing many blogs methods.

  • Google will help you because blogger is the part of Google

This is the main advantage of the blogger because Google is the owner of the blogger. Google wants to improve blogger ranking in the World of blogging and day by day, Google is using different ways for the improvement of the


Right, I think, if you are fresher then you have been decided now which one is the better option for you. At some area, blogger is better than WordPress and at some point, WordPress is better than blogger.

Finally, if you have any doubts then please ask as a comment below. I will feel happy to help you.



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