Country Specific Traffic on a website- Best Tips – Step by Step Guide

How to Target country specific traffic. As I know, you have lots of ideas to drive more traffic to your website, But here I am going to share

If you are a Blogger and you have a Google Adsense Account then you can understand the value of USA and UK Traffic on your Blog. Google pay high rate when traffic come on your blog from these countries.


If you have a plan for affiliate Sales then these countries like USA and UK will help because there, mostly population depend on Online marketing so you have a great chance to convert more money to sell affiliate Product.


Google has many terms and condition. If you will work according to the Google’s terms then surely your Blog can get high rank in Google and Alexa rank.


I want to clear about the Country Specific Website traffic. If you are thinking like create a Blog then you are wrong.

To target the Country Specific Website traffic is so hard as your Thinking. In fact, Indian Traffic can come easily but USA traffic can’t come easily.


Are you a Blogger?

Do you want to make money Through the Google Adsense?

If yes, Then, traffic on your site is important to make online money otherwise, you can not make money without more traffic.


Like Traffic, Google Adsense is also a part of the money making the machine. Google Adsense or many Google Adsense Alternative networking convert your web traffic into Money.


If you are from India and you are not able to drive international traffic on your blog then go with Indian Traffic but Google pays less money for Indian traffic. A successful Blogger always targets international Traffic on his blogs like the USA and US traffic because Google pays more for these Country traffics as compared to other countries.


There are many Bloggers in India but they do not work for giving valuable contents to their Readers. They Always want to make money through their Blog. But this statement is not for All blogger.


There are few bloggers who are giving best result to their Viewers.

Okay, So you are here Because you want to make traffic for Your Blog but the problem is it that you fail to drive more traffic from International Traffic.


Follow the Step to drive the traffic from targeted country.


Best ways to Drive Country  specific traffic


Domain name:-

“.com” always work like the king as a domain extension.

“.ORG” is also a king Domain Extension among the whole Countries.

But, if you have a plan to target Country specific traffic then here I will suggest to buy a country Specific Domain. It is really a good idea and every pro blogger always suggests you whenever you will put up a question about the country specific traffic.


When you are in the U.K. (United Kingdom) then target a Domain. It will help to drive more traffic to your blog.

Are you in India? then go with .in or as your domain extension it will help to find the best result as traffic.

If you are in Australia the .au domain extension will help to drive more traffic to your blog.


If you are not from that country whatever you can buy these domain extensions and can manage from anywhere.

Note- TLD like .com domain is so popular in the World so you can go with it for targeting any country in the world.


There are many options to purchase a Domain name. But if you want to purchase cheap and best Domain name with the best Suggestion then you can go with Godaddy and NameCheap.


Best site for Purchasing Domain name –




Google Webmaster Tool for Geo-Targeting:-

A Pro Blogger and New Blogger always love this Tool because it is totally free. You can do anything whatever you want to search related to Google stuff.


Google manage it and give true data about the most to the low searchable keyword in the Google Search Engine.

It gives the option to target Country Specific Traffic which is an excellent option for you if you want to target Country specific traffic on your blog.


How to use Google Webmaster Tool:-

It is so simple, just log in with your email Id and verifies your blog in the Google Webmaster tool.

After that go in the Configurations then Setting, there you can see the select that country which is on your target.

If you want to learn more about it then go with this video. A member of Google webmaster team will teach you how to use Google webmaster.

The location of Web Hosting Server:-

This is another best way to drive Geo-targeting traffic in the targeted country.

Yes, your server location also affects you country based traffic. Suppose, you are targeting U.S. ( United State ) then try to host your blog on the U.S-based server. If you are thinking to target Australia then try to host your blog on an Australian server.


One of the best Servers which is based on U.S. – Bluehost

Another one is SiteGround

India based Server – Bluehost India


CDN play an important role in speeding up your blog or website in different Countries.

I will suggest you If you want to focus Country specific traffic then host your blog in those countries.

Make sure about it whether your website load- time is faster in that country and Search Engine bots is able to recognize the location server.



Google always give high rank to that blog which has more backlinks. If your blog has many Backlinks means your blog is so popular among peoples so Google also refers to the reader to put on the first page of Search Engine.


Try to know the backlinks Remains Significant importance. This is the best way to target Country specific backlinks.

Suppose, if you want to target your audience in the U.S.A., then target to gain more backlinks from U.K. based Blog.


You can use the most popular site, Alexa. It will help to find the most popular blog or website in the Specific country.

You can also google to find out the country based domain names to get more backlink from this site where you want to target.


Guest Blogging

It is also the best idea to get Country based backlinks and target country specific traffic. Target the most popular blog or website and make a list of those. Write unique content which is useful and ask for the guest post. Once Blog owner gives the permission then go for it. It is very effective method to drop your backlink on the country based blog. It will also help to find out traffic from that country.


Blog commenting

A blog comment is another best way to get targeted traffic and backlinks from different countries. When you go to comment on the blog then some Blog have Nofollow comment structure and rest of all Dofollow.

I will suggest you try to comment on Dofollow structured blog.


Content Level Targeting:-

Google decide everything based on your blog contents. If you have Country specific domain name then Google will understand that you are targeting that specific country. If your domain name is general like (.org and .com) then I will suggest you, target country specific traffic, add the targeted country name inside your post, title and meta description. It gives a clear message to Google that this post is written for the specific country.


Readability is the key of SEO factor, if your language is based on U.K. and you are targeting U.S.A. or if your language is based on U.S.A. and you are targeting Indian traffic then it is very hard to find out a great result. So improve your language if you want to target country specific traffic on your blog.


Here, one solution is available if you can not manage with your self. Hire writers for your blog from that country where you want to target. But make sure their writing skills and grammatical Skills should be excellent.


Local SEO Using the Best business places that are Google Places:-

It will not apply to those sites which are only based on the internet only. If you have a company or e-commerce site then you can use it with your proper information like Phone number, Address, etc. it will show your location of your business on Google map.


Google Places is the best option to explore your business and create a trust among your clients.

This the link where you can resistor your business. You can also create a profile on different social media.


Drop your Website to the Local Search Engine and different Directories:-

There are many social websites which cover global traffic. Submit your blog to those places and time to time manage to those sites it will improve your blog traffic also.


To get country based traffic, submit your blog to the specific search engine and the local directories of that country. It is a very popular idea to target country based traffic.


Always use Google tends:-

Always target the keywords. If you really want to target specific country traffic then you should have the best knowledge about the country based keywords.


As an example, you are taking a keyword that is mi phone and your target country is U.S.A then how can you think that traffic will come on your blog?


Dude mi phone is so popular in China and now in India. U.S.A. People searching text will be so less for mi phone.

But if your keyword is iPhone and you are targeting U.S.A or U.K. then you are on right track. iPhone keyword is most popular is U.S. so can target to U.S. for this keyword.


So finally, target those keywords for those countries which are the most searchable keyword in that country.

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I will happy to help you.

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