What is Digital or Online Marketing ?

What is the Digital Marketing?

What is the Online Marketing?

How to do Web Marketing?

Do You know about the Internet marketing?


Now, come to the point. Do you know exactly what is marketing and what is Digital or Online marketing?

The answer is here, I will not define the marketing Word.But I will give you the practical experience for Digital or Online Marketing. Marketing means attraction of  the customer for your particular Domain. If you can do it then you have the best approach in the market.


What is Digital or Online Marketing?

Once again, comes to the point marketing but this time Digital or Online marketing. As you are  already aware of the word Online or Digital. Online means you are gaining your customer through the multimedia way that may be through the Email or social way. If you are delivering a message by the use of  the internet to your customer for promoting your product or your blog then this type of marketing is known as the Digital or Online Marketing.

There are many sources to do online marketing such as social media, forums, Blog, website, Email and Mobile App.

Today Digital marketing plays a big role for the customer because the customer has a lot option for the product selection on Digital market point.

Some Digital marketing are—



Amazon.com or amazon.in


These all sites are E-commerce site where buyer and seller interact to each other directly. This is online marketing because seller advertises the product on these sites and buyer purchases the product from these sites.

Today digital or online marketing is on peak point. Now you are addicted to the E-commerce sites and every time you use them if you want to make an online purchase.


How many Types of Digital or online Marketing?

Do you know today digital or online Marketing have a lot of options to do the best marketing through the internet? i am going to tell you about those types

  • SEO  means Search Engine Optimization

  • SEM means Search Engine Marketing

  • SMO means Search Media Optimization

  • PPC means Pay per Click (Google Adwords)

  • Blogging

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • APP means Mobile Application Advertisement

  • SMS marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Web Analysis

  • Online Portal Advertisement

So there are many options for online marketing for any blog or Sites to be popular overnight or over a month or over years.

First one is SEO and it is so popular and genuine way for perfect marketing. It will help to get high rank in search engine. It will help to stay for a long time and it is cost free if you are well known about it.

PPC is a Google program for increasing your site visibility. Google will charge for this feature.

Affiliate marketing means  you are promoting any product or any site for your own income that means you are doing marketing for that.

Email marketing, when you opens your Gmail account then many of offer links got appeared on either side. If you opened any of that offer link that is a part of email marketing. Means marketing through offer links available in emails.

Web Analysis helps to know everything for your website.

I will give full detail on every type of Digital or Online marketing in Upcoming Tutorials.



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