Google Search Engine SEO Ranking Factors – Complete List

Do you know about the Google Ranking Factors or Google Search Engine SEO Ranking Factors checklist?

If you don’t have any idea then read below post which is written in depth (8000+ Words).




What is Google Ranking factors?


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Everything that enhances the search engine ranking of our article, we will call it Google Ranking Factors in a way.

Every activity that we do in Google Blogs or on Google’s website to get keyword ranking on the website is included in the Google Ranking Factors.


Well, let me tell you that Google has  200+ Google’s ranking Factors list in its index.

But today I will tell you more about the SEO Ranking Factors other than Google Ranking Factors.

I will tell every method of search engine ranking factors so that you became familiar with every SEO ranking factors and use them in your blog so that you can get as much organic traffic as possible to earn extra money online.


Today, I’m going to tell you ways which will help to increase the ranking of your blog page.
It is not necessary that all these methods are correct in the every way.


There may be something in which some people consider that method right, and some people believe it wrong.
Some think that this is just a matter of talking, it can not be proven.

But still, I will tell you this thing that if you work at every point on the Google Ranking Factors list given below.

then it is my belief, any force of the world can not stop you from coming to the first page in Google’s search engine.



Domain level – Google Ranking Factors


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1. #What Everyone Must Know About domain age?

Little Known Facts About Domain Age – And Why it Matter? How does it affect the Google Ranking Factors?

Is there really a difference in the domain age of one month and in the 6 months old domain age?

If you want to be confused by reading a lot of blogs, then search in Google. And if you want to listen to a straight forward talk then listen carefully to me and do not leave this thing out of your mind. I am going to talk about the

There were such factors until 2005. How old is your domain name? If there is too much old age, then it will be a bit up in the rankings.

If there was even then now let me tell you that there is no such thing now continue so just chill.

Today the Google ranking factors are not at all at the age of the domain.

If you ask me, then I will say that my friends, the domain purchased two months ago can also come on Google’s first page.

It is absolutely right that the page of your blog can be in the first number In Search Engine Ranking Page, for which the domain was recently purchased.

So let’s leave these things out of the brain and execute those points so that the rank in Google is increased.


2. #The Hidden Agenda Of uses Keyword in Domain:-

Have you ever seen that if you have searched something in Google then the keyword searched with? The domain name associated with that keyword is the first number on Google’s search page.

If you have not seen it yet then look at this one time and try it. As far as I’m concerned, 80% of the chances are that the domain name will be at any position on the first page with the keywords you have searched for.


Let me show you some examples. Look at the picture I’ve searched in Google – “High Paying Affiliate Program”

The domain which is the second domain after the Google Adwords section. That’s all the keywords I’ve searched for on Google in that domain.


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But I will not say that you pay more attention to these things.

If you think yourself, the first post after Google Adwords Section in the picture above does not have the keyword like “High Paying Affiliate Program”. Yet it is at number one. Why?

Because this is not the only thing. There are lots of things besides this. Which is responsible for getting first place on the first page.


3. #Your Blog Targeted Keyword in your domain as the First Word:-

In the above section, I only had a dialect of having a keyword in the domain.

But what’s happening here is that your blog’s domain name should start with your main keyword.

Now if you take the example of my blog name.

my Blog name is

and my main keyword for this blog is “blog tips”.

But here you can see that I have not purchased the domain name with the keyword of my blog. The keyword is in my domain name but it’s in the last.

So it is up to you how you manage. It makes a difference to a little bit SEO. But there is no need to pay much attention to these statements.


4. #How Much Do You Know about Domain Registration Length?

Some people believe that if the registration of your domain has been kept for the next 4-5 years, this thing helps in SEO ranking factors of your blog.

Man, there is nothing like that.

If I register the domain for a lot of years, then that domain name might be my main domain name.

Either this can happen either. I want to get rid of the rains that I am doing every year. And I have renewed my domain name for 10 years at once. Or at the time of purchasing, I have purchased the domain name for 10 or 20 years together.

But there is no such thing as if you have purchased a domain name for 10 years then It will come up in ranking. My friend, you have to work harder for that.


5.#The Latest Trend In Keyword In Sub-domain:-

I would not say that this is the latest factor or the old ranking factor.
But I would say that this factor is effective. This will help you to rank your blog.

When you create a subdomain that means you do not want to mix that topic on your blog.

If you want to write about one topic but keep it separate, then there will be some keywords for the topic that you will target.

So keep in mind that while creating that subdomain, you should keep your targeted keywords together.

If I make affiliate separate blogs on my blog then I will make something like that.


  • For Affiliate main keywords-
  • For Amazonguide-
  • For SEO –


6. #The Miracle Of Domain History

If you have ever done something wrong with a domain name that Google does not like, and Google has given you a panic for it. If you ask for forgiveness from Google and by promising this, do not do this further. So maybe the Punishment is waived by Google

But remember, once in the police once your record gets spoiled, the whole life remains bad even if you are living a good life. Likewise, if you get worse once in Google’s eye, it is difficult to get a good image quickly in his eyes, and this is the reason that Google now takes great care of you whether you do something wrong again.

With your domain name, Google keeps track of you too. This is the reason why once you have banned by Google for Adsense, you can not open an AdSense account again with your own identification.


7. #Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Exact Match Domain Name.

See this picture carefully-


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If you carefully look at the picture above, I searched a keyword in Google that is “DailyBlogTips”.



And after searching, what did we find on the Google search Engine ranking page?



There I found the domain name of a blog matching exact with my search keywords. that is


So it is clear matter of fact that the domain name matching with exact name affects some of Google Ranking Factors

But when it is misused by the blogger, Google changes its algorithm and says that if domain name will match the keyword, it will come in low quality.

It had to be done because people were creating thousands of blogs matching the keywords on to get high ranking in Google search Engine to following the Google search Engine SEO ranking factors Checklist.


8. #You Should Know About Penalty For Blog Owner

If Google once sees you that you are doing a wrong activity, then the number of blogs created from your profile can be banned at all. So do not try to become a spammer. Let’s be a good blogger, and a good blogger is identified by helping others, through their writing.


9. # Country TLD – Domain Extation value

Domain Extensions Affects. If your domain Extention is .uk or , .ca. Then you can get traffic more from the United Kingdom or Canada.

That’s because you told Google from your domain extension that you have to target either the United Kingdom or Canada.

The .com extension is best because it does not target any particular country. You can target the entire world with this domain extension.



Page Level factors – On page SEO factors


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10. #The Secret of Keywords in Title

As you know, for google ranking factors, Keyword in the title should be maintained. It is the basic part of ON PAGE SEO.


11. # Start your blog title with your targeted Keyword

All right, start the title of each post on your blog with the keywords targeted for that post. it will help to boost your ranking in Google Search engine. it is one of the most important searches engine ranking factors.

If I talk about Google SEO ranking factors then keyword should be included in the post title. but when you include the first word in the title then this method helps to get high traffic on your blog.


12. #Drop your Targeted keyword in meta description:-

It is also a Google ranking factors. When you write a meta description for the post, you should keep your keyword in it, you can target the analogous keyword in your meta decryption.


13. #Include the keyword in H1 tag :

The H1 tag is the same as the title. It also tells Google that the post has been written on which subject.

Write one or two H1 tags in the content area, This will help Google better understand your blog.


13. #Use similar Words Of your Keywords ( Synonyms)

Try to keep your keyword synonyms in your content. It helps Google to understand your content. And highlights the ranking of the site. This helps Google to know about the topic of your blog.


14. #In Phrase line, frequent use your keyword

Use the phrases in your content and try to drop your targeted keyword in the phrases. It is best proven Google SEO Ranking Factors.


15. #Tell me About the Content-Length Required to get high rank in Google SERP:-

Many people have different opinions for this. Some people have to say that if you write a subject in depth, then Google gives you a good rank in SERP.

Some people have to say that 500 words are enough if you write a post of a unique quality, Google will rank you better.


But if you now ask me weather which will be better for my blog between short content and long content then I will advise you that in the post you can not write anything, write that post in 500 words. But if you can write a lot in a post, then try to write at least 2000+ words. That’s why the competition in today’s changing world has become very high. And this is also true that Google has started giving more rank to the long content. But it’s not like that if you work hard, Google will not rank your 500 content.

But if you can write a lot in a post, then try to write at least 2000+ words. That’s why the competition in today’s changing world has become very high. And this is also true that Google has started giving more rank to the long content. But it’s not like that if you work hard, Google will not rank your 500 content.


That’s why the competition in today’s changing world has become very high. And this is also true that Google has started giving more rank to the long content. But it’s not like that if you work hard, Google will not rank your 500 content.

And this is also true that Google has started giving more rank to the long content. But it’s not like that if you work hard, Google will not rank your 500 content.

But it’s not like that if you work hard, Google will not rank your 500 content.


16. #Keyword Density Percentage:-

Well, the keyword Density should be 1-2%. But when you write long content, this mentation does not happen.

If you manage .5-1% in long content then it will be right for you.


17. #Latent Semantic Indexing  (LSI) Keywords Algorithm:-

The more you can use in your content, use the related word or phrase, Google Search Engine Ranking Factors will be in your favor.

Google keywprd planner, krishna blog tips, amazon affiliate guide , amazon affiliate program


Understand in the picture above, the keyword “DSLR” is in it. But there are many other words related to it that you can use when writing content.


18. #Use LSI keyword is Title and Description box:-

If possible, please use LSI Ward in your blog’s titles and meta descriptions too.

If your blog’s keyword is not searched by anyone in google but LSI keywords are searched by someone And if you’re keeping that keyword in the title and descriptive box of your blog, then your blog can still rank.


19. # Avoid the Duplicate Content:-

If you are using the content written in your blog repeatedly in every post, then doing a lot of wrong activity.

Do not do that exactly as I am saying. Every single post should have unique content.


20. # Improve the Loading Speed of your Blog:-

Keep the loading speed of your blog very good. Your blog’s loading time should not be more than 5 seconds. Hosting here plays a very important role. A good hosting gives you very good loading speed.

If hosting server speed is good then it also increases the loading speed of your blog.


21. # Use Image Optimization:-

After image optimization, the size of your blog’s image diminishes, so that the loading speed of the blog’s page is good.

Properly fill the Image title, alt text, caption, description of your blog Image.

22. #Update your post frequently:-

If you’ve stopped updating your blog’s posts, Google understands that you are not working on that post anymore.

Because of this, the ranking of your posts starts to fall. And those who keep on updating, begin to rank it.


23. #Add and Remove the Content during update:-

Updating does not mean that you go to the post and click the update button.

Adding new words to updates to the post, reordering the words if required, removing what is not needed then click the update button.


24. #Frequently update shows the freshness of your content:-

By regular updating, Google understands that you are updating your post by adding any fresher content which should be reached to the people, meaning that you are ready to help people. so google will also help you to give high rank to your blog.


25. #Presense of your keywords in first 100 words of your content:-

These are very effective formulas for “ON PAGE SEO”. Always have your targeted keyword in 100 words of every single post in your blog. If you think of my advice, keep the keyword in the first line. The Google Bot reads 100 words of your post very carefully and accordingly, gives page rank.


26. #Use H2, H3 Tags

In your blog post content, try to use H2, and H3 heading. It is also known as the Subheading in your blog post.

It plays important role in generating traffic on your blog.


27. #Use Exact Match Words as Keywords

Google Analytics is important for you to know when you target a word, you should know what people search for by searching for that word in Google.

Suppose you are targeting “French Kiss” but People search in google for this keyword with ” How to do perfect French Kiss”

Suppose You target to the keyword ” How to do perfect French Kiss” then you have more probability to get high ranking for this keyword.


28. #Outbound Link in your Content:-

Some people believe that if you drop good links like Wikipedia in your post. you have a chance to get high rank in Google Search Engine ranking. Because Google thinks that if you are linking to a good website then you are also good and are not spamming with People.


29. #Grammer and Spelling:-

If there is a lot of Grammatical Mistake in the blog written on your website. Or a lot of spelling is written wrong, then forget that Google is going to give you a good rank.

Think of yourself, if a user searches for something in Google and goes to your website, where there is a lot of mistakes or spelling is not correct, then what will that person think of Google?

Now for your good, Google will not insult own self to anyone else.

Then in return, you will be punished by the Google for doing a wrong activity or fraud to the world.


30. # Don’t link unrelated category post in your Blog content.

If your website is on the blog and you are linking a blog post of a health blog to your blog, then it is not correct in Google’s eyes.

Link to your blog in the same category as your blog in your blog, otherwise Google will confuse and your blog’s ranking may fall.


31. #Always use Unique Content

Never put a rewritten content on your blog. Google can punish you for it. Meaning Google can also block your profile.


32. # Add Related content that helps to your viewer;-

Never think that if you add content of someone else’s blog to your blog then the traffic of your blog will be reduced.

This increases the quality of your page. So, if needed, suggest a link to the good site.


33. #Use Multimedia In your page or Post:-

Multimedia such as video, image, your YouTube video.

Adding multimedia content to your page gives you good rank by Google.


34. #Internal Link Number

When you add a link to your blog on your page, this process tells Google that the linked page is related to your current page. And this enhances your Google SEO Ranking Ranking factors.


35. #Don”t use more outbound Link on your blog:-

The level of everything is there. If you start doing anything more than level then it gets saddened for you.

In the same way, there is also an outbound link. If you add an outbound link to a limit then all is correct. Otherwise, Google reduces your page rank


36. #Quality of Linking Page:-

When you are linking a page to your blog, check the page rank of the linking page. Always link high-end pages to your page’s quality.


37. #Always Check Broken Link of your Blog

If a link is broken on your blog then your blog’s ranking may be down. So you have always been checking the Broken Link and have been redirecting the Broken Link.


38. #What is readability score of your Web page:-

Always write user-friendly content. Did not write anything that could not be read from everyone.

If you use the Yoast Plugin then Readability Score Option is included there. Let be a green color to that.


39. #Use smartly Affiliate Link

Let me tell you that with affiliate links Google does not have any kind of problem. and Nor does it have any effect on your page’s ranking. But do not use affiliate links more than a limit on a single page.


40. # Codding Error

If your blog’s theme is not a code properly then the coding error can occur in your blog. So always choose a good theme so that your blog’s loading speed is correct and high rank.


41. #What is my blog page rank how it will affect Google ranking:-

Google gives a high rank to that page. Whose page rank is high.


42. #URL Path of your blog page or page

Keep your blog’s URL path just plain and small. It is considered to be SEO friendly to give the path mixed with the home page of your blog.


43. #URL Lenght.

If you are writing the title of a blog, then you get the URL by default title. Edit it and make it as small as possible with the keyword.


44. #Category of your Blog Page or Post

Always select categories in the perfect word so that many posts can be published in that category.


45. #Tagging

Tagging also works like a category, so select the correct word from the post and target those words.
This method is the master point of your page’s Google Ranking Factors.


46. #Always Use your Keyword in The page URL

Always keep the keyword in the URL of your blog page. This gives Google a path to target which of your keywords is targeted.


47. #Use Bullet Point to show pointing matters

Google loves content written in bullets very much. It does not bother to give a high rank to the page written in the bullet.


48. #In Sitemap add Your page also

When setting the sitemap, click the page along with the post. This means that in the Sitemap of your blog, the place of the blog page also is given.


49. #Your Blog page layout

Of course, pay attention to the layout of your blog. Layouts should be as simple and retractive. This will attract viewers and they will not have problems in searching the subject of their mind.


50. #What is your Page age

When did you post the page? Mater does this thing. Whenever you publish a page or post, its page ranking is very low. The ranking of every single page increases day by day. In which many factors are involved.


51. #What is parked Domain

It will decrease your ranking in Google search engine page.


52. #Eye catching layout

I have already told this fact Let’s keep the blog layout so that your viewer likes to see it again and again.
Take care of color combinations. Like I can tell you Some people keep it in a color background that is hard to see from the eyes.


53. #Answerative Content:-

Think about the content on your blog in this way and write down that when someone comes to your blog when searching something on Google search engine with your targeted keywords, then that person can get the answer related to that topic.

If it does not happen, then perhaps he will never come back to your blog.
Next time when Google suggest him for your blog, he will leave your blog and click on any other page.



Site Level – Google Ranking Factors

Site seo ranking factors, google seo ranking factors,



54. #Quality Rech Content

As you know, everything is your content in writing blogs. If you are writing a blog but your content is boring and you are very well able to increase your blog’s ranking, but after reading your content, the reader starts boring and leaves your site.
Now, getting good rankings also has no benefit.


55. #Attach Contact Us page

Without this page, your blog is incomplete. It is very important to have this page. Without this page, you can not even apply for Adsense.

The advantage of having that page as a contact –

  • Any sponsor can contact you.
  • Any blogger can contact you for an exchange or for help.
  • If someone needs help then that person can contact you.


56. #Website Architecture

With the well-planned navigation, the content of the blog is well known in Google rank. Keep your blog’s navigation clear and simple.


57. #Domain trust

Trust is created on some domains. You may also have some sites for you.
In the same way, do something like this that the trust of the people should be built for your site.


58. #Site map

Site Map helps to improve your blog’s ranking. It tells Google what page or post is on your site.


59. #Update Content regularly

Keep updating each and every content with time otherwise, your competitor will be ahead of you.
Updating your blog from time to time also makes your blog’s ranking even better.


60. #Server Location

Server location matters to your site. If you are in the United States, then verify that your hosting server is in the United States. It affects your site’s traffic.


61. #Site Uptime

How is your site a server? It does not happen that it is often down and you do not even know. If this happens then you will not even know and gradually the traffic of your site will end.


62. # Duplicate Meta Description

Do not keep duplicate meta descriptions on your site anytime. Doing this will rank your site down. Doing this is cheating with the viewer in a way.


63. #Privacy Page

Like the page of the sitemap and contact Us is also an import page. This page explains how the privacy of your site is. What are you doing for the privacy of the viewer giving you their information?


64. #Check the Mobile Friendly capability

As you also know, people have started using mobile phones today. More people work on their smartphones now.
And if your site’s structure does not come on mobile then it can be a problem for you and your Blog.
So you are requested to make your site mobile friendly.


65. #Youtube

If you also make a YouTube video for your blog post, then it can give you double profit.
Today YouTube is the search engine at number two in the world.


66. #Use of Google Tools

Use the free tools Google has given to you. Your site will be beneficial.
Google Analytics & Webmaster is one of them. Both of these keep the indexing of your site right and help in getting good rankings.


67. #User Review and Site Reputation

The user’s review is a very important factor for your site. There are many sites where you can get your site reviewed by adding your site.



BackLink – Google Ranking Factors


google ranking factors, back link ranking factors, google search engine ranking factors



68. #Link Your site on Old age domain

If your site gets a backlink from a very old site then your site’s ranking in Google is high on one hand. Getting 10 backlinks from the new blog is equal to getting 1 from the old.


69. #Root domain

Read more about Root domain on Moz


70. #Internal Linking page

The internal link means that you are dropping another link to the post of your own blog while writing a post. Its biggest example is Wikipedia. This method influences your blog’s Google ranking factors and helps to get good ranking in Search engine.


71. #Alt Tag on Image

People upload the image and attach it to the post. This method is absolutely wrong. Do not do this at all.
Optimize search engine optimization for every single image. This is a big part of your Google Ranking Factors.


72. # Try to get backlink from “.EDU” and “.GOV” sites

Another big point of Google Ranking Factors is that, as you can do to make sure that your site gets a backlink with “.gov” or “.edu”. It does a lot of help in increasing the ranking.


73. #Take backlink from similar topic blog

Let’s get backlinks from a related blog from the topic on which the blog has written your blog. This affects Google ranking factors.


74. #Social sharing counting

How many times your blog’s page or post has been shared on social sites It plays importable roles in Google Ranking Factors


75. #authorty of outbound linking page

When you link someone else to your blog now, attach a post or page with a high page rank. it will help to get high rank in google page.


76. #Authorty of linking domain

The domain that you currently have on your blog must have a good domain authority.


77. #Guest post

In this way, getting a bank link is a great advantage. If you get a contextual link, then Google likes it more. And if you get an author link like a guest, then it is also good but the contextual link is much better.


78. #Diversity of Link

If your blog is getting a backlink from the same site This means that the person backlink is either you yourself or you have a friend. Let me tell you that Google considers it to be web spamming.

But if you are getting backlinks from so many sites, it’s great for you and your site.


79. #Nofollow links

If your sites are getting no follow a link, then this type of backlink is of no use. Google does not value this type of link.


80. #Sponsored or partner type link

If you want to backlink with this type of words, then your value in Google’s view will increase.


81. #301 Redirects page

View this video to understand perfectly


82. # Internal link as contextual link

When you write a new post, the link to the old post just like a contextual link, it means that you are giving back links. And Google likes it.


83. #Country TLD

If you are getting a backlink from the Country Best Domain extension it means your page is beneficial for that country. So Google justifies your page ranking.


84. #Link location in the content

If you are giving a backlink, then drop its link in the start of your post. The link given in the startup is much better than the link in the last.


85. #DMOZ listed blog or site

Google loves the linked domain in DMOZ and gives a good ranking.


86. #Trustrank Linking Site

It shows the trust done to your site that how many trusts your blog has passed. And this is why Google gives good rankings according to its results.


87. # Sitewide link

Which post you have given the highest link on the site of the internal link Or which post or page the Worldwide has received backlink, it gets the boost in Google ranking.


88. # Quality of linking content page or post

If a backlink is found So what is the quality of the page it has found. The matter also talks about this. If you are getting a backlink from a page that is written in a very dirty manner. So this type of backlink is of no use.


89. # Forum Profile linking

Linking your website to a Forums profile is like a backlink in a way.


90. #Total number of outbound Linking Links on your page or post

Never get more than 1000 outbound links on your page. Otherwise, your blog’s page ranking will decrease.


91. #Resiprocal link

read more about this here


92. #Natural Profile link

There are many more methods like Forums where if you add your website to the time of making the profile, then it is count like a backlink.


93. #What is the age of your backlink

If your website has a link from it, then how many days or years old it is backlink. Google Ranking Factors also depend on this.


94. #Link From Authority sites.

If you find a backlink with a good site then its value is equal to the backlink found in many small sites.


95. #Link from hub page

It is great to get a backlink from a page where a lot of site or blogs are suggested.


96. # Negative link velocity

Wrong backlinks can reduce the ranking of your blog or page.


97. # Positive link velocity

Keep in mind that always give backlinks to your site in the right way. Otherwise, Google understands that you are getting an organic backlink or you are spamming.


98. #Linking Domain Similarity

If your site is related to Tech Topic and you are getting a backlink from the Health Topic Domain, then this is not a good thing for ranking your domain.


99. # Linking page Level Similarity

Just like the right domain, if your page is getting a backlink from a page where there is nothing related to your topic, then it can downline your page ranking.

100. #Keyword in title


I’ve also been told earlier that Google likes it more. The Title in which the keyword is attached.


101. #Internal Linking like Wikipedia

Ever open Wikipedia. If not, then open it now, you will find that almost all the words written in every page are almost linked. That means clicking on that word opens a new page that is a Wikipedia page.
If you do something similar for your blog then your blog’s ranking might be very good.

102. #Links from real Site

Always backlinks to your blog from a site that is real and designed to help people, not just to make backlinks.


103. #Socail media Linking Domain name

There is a lot of social media site where the timing of making profiles asks the name of your website, create profiles on such social media and add a link to your blog, it will work as a backlink.


104.# Off page back Link factors

Off-page activity can do whatever you want to get a backlink, but keep in mind that something that is not spamming Google’s eye.



User Interaction – Google Ranking Factors


Google SEO ranking factors, user interaction factors, google seo ranking factors

105. # Comment Counting

Yes, how many comments are there on your post? This thing affects Google Ranking Factors.


106. #Bounce Rate

What is your site’s bounce rate? Bounce rate means that when a viewer comes to your site, then how much time goes from your site after spending time. Or how many more links are clicked on your site.
Bounce rate depends on all these points.


107. #Organic CTR

If every single keyword in your blog is ranking well, that means your blog’s ranking is good. This is a good sign for you and your blog.


108. #Direct Traffic

If without any referrer, traffic starts to come on your site then it is good news for you and your site. This types of traffic are known as organic traffic which comes through the search engine.


109. # Repeat Traffic

If your site is experiencing the returning traffic, it means that your content is good written and interesting that’s why people are coming back to your blog to read out the more written blog.

Say thanks to your self for making such tremendous blog to help the people in worldwide.


110. #Organic Click through the keywords

Through the keywords, when people search their keywords in search engine then find the answer as the Search engine the first page where many sites are available with the solution with searched keywords.


111. #Bookmarks

When someone bookmarks your page or your site to Chrome, Google is tracking it and makes your site’s ranking well.


112. #google toolbar data

Google tools have all your data. The loading speed of your page or site or the error is coming. The Google tool stores a result for everything, and gives the page or post a ranking based on it.


113. # Dwell time

Google sees this thing very well that when people come to search your site, how much time is spent on the post.
If people spend a lot of time on a post, that means that the post will be of very good quality and will be helpful for the people, Google also does not back in giving that page a good rank.



Google Algorithm Factors and Rule Which help to boost the SERP Ranking

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114. #Freshness:-

Google gives more value to those content which is totally fresh. Well, the topic is not already at Google and is a topic of a different. This is the reason why the expert always advises a fresher that write something that Google does not already have.


115. #Browsing History:-

According to Google’s browser history, the site’s ranking can go high.
When people browse something, that is saved in history, also saved in Google’s database.
If your blog is in more in history data then Google considers your site as good and gives good.


116. #Search History

When someone searches on Google, Google also maintains it. And on the basis of that ranking can also be good if someone searches your blog or site with your site name.


117. #Gio Targeting

If you are from the United States, your blog’s IP address will be the also from US. Now if someone searches for something related to your blog in Google then your site will get the importance of the site of the United Kingdom or India.


118. #Safe Search

Never put adult content on your blog and no such Ads that comes with adult advertisements. It can kill your blog.


119. #Google+ Circles

The more connected in the Google+ Circle, the more you can get your blog ranking.
Google gives those ranks whose author is active in Google+ + Activity more.


120. #DMCA Complaints

If a complaint is made on your site, your site is monitored, and if you are wrong the content is removed and your site’s ranking is also down.

It would be better for you that no one should do any such thing so that no one will go against you.


121. #Image search

When someone searches the image in Google then you can access your blog from the link of the image. That’s why the image helps increase your blog’s ranking.


122. #Shopping Result

For an e-commerce site, if your product is targeting keywords, then if someone searches that keyword in Google, then your product can be shown in  Google.


123. #Big Brand

Once your blog becomes a brand name, then Google also makes your blog ranking better by branding.


Social Signal – Google Ranking Factors

google ranking factors, social level ranking factors

124. #Number of Facebook Sharing

Sharing on the facebook is also considered as a backlink in a manner. The more times your post is shared on Facebook, the ranking of your blog post is so good.


125. # Number of tweets

The more tweets with your blog’s link, the more you will be considered branded and Google will rank well to your blog’s ranking in search engine.


126. #What is the authority of your twitter account:-

What is the age of the account you are tweeting? The date of the account is old or new. let me tell you According to Age of Twitter account Google also ranks your tweets and SERP in Search Engine.


127. #Number of Facebook links on your Blog post

How much is Facebook Likes in your blog post? Even on this, your blog post’s ranking effect. But nowadays people have started getting likes on Facebook incorrectly, which can give bad result in the ranking of your page in SERP.


128. # Authority of Facebook Account:

Like Twitter Authority Account, Facebook old age account has good value than New Facebook Account.

Google gives more value to the posted or shared link of the old Facebook account.


129. #Pinterest Pin

The higher pin of your blog’s image or post on Pinterest, Google gives the high value to your blog.

Nowadays it is most popular on social media because of infographics image which catches the viewer at a time.


130. #Votes on Social sharing or Article submission site.

In Google Ranking Factors, it plays an important role. When someone gives a vote for your blog post on social sharing sites means your blog is really well- written. Google understand this thing and give a boost to your post and your blog too.


131. #Google+ sharing and posting Count

As Google Experts mentions, Google does not give much importance to sharing or posting on Google+.


132. #Authorty of Google+ account

Like Facebook and Twitter, even if your account is very old on Google + and if someone is posting or sharing with that account, then Google gives more importance to that post.



Brand Name – Google Ranking Factors

google ranking factors, Brand name factors, SEO ranking factors


133. #Brand Name

When a word becomes your brand name And when the world starts searching for you from the same word on Google, the search word becomes the brand word for your blog.

Google also starts to know you with that brand name and your site’s ranking gets very impressive.


134. #Blog facebook page likes

How much is your blog’s Facebook page like? This reflects your brand’s popularity. This shows how popular among people you are.


135. # Twitter follower

Your blog has an account on Twitter. If so, how many people follow your blog on Twitter.
If too many people follow, that means there will be something special in your blog. So Google also becomes compelled to give you a good ranking.


136. #LinkedIn Official page

Today, most of the companies maintain their official page on Linkedin. And this is a good way to tell if your company is real or fake.


137. #Employees maintain your company name as their working company name

If there is a profile on LinkedIn, then there is a need to name the company. If a company has a lot of people and everyone has added their company name by making profiles on Linkedin, then Google considers that company good and gives a good ranking.


138. #Brand name on news site

Just think that news about your site has started to talk. So, still, Google will not accept your site’s popularity.
Will absolutely agree. And along with it will give your site a very good ranking.


139. #Social Media Accounts

How many social media accounts your blog or company has. Google Ranking Factors depend on this.
The more social media profiles of your blog will be, the chances of your site ranking being as good as that.


140. #Number of RSS subscribers

How many RSS Subscribers are on your blog? This shows the popularity of your blog. It played a big role in Google search engine SEO ranking factors checklist.


141. # Tax paying Company

Google Ranking Factors also depend on whether your brand company is taxing the government or not.


142. #Office Location

Whether or not your company’s office location has been maintaining in Google. Google also ranks you on this basis.



On-Site WebSpam – Google Ranking Factors


on site web spamming, google ranking factors, seo ranking factors, search engine ranking factors

143. #Panda Penalty

If the quality of your site is too low and the Content is also Poor quality then your blog has a chance to get the penalty.

know more about the google panda


144. #Worng Linking

If your site or blog topic is tech. And if you are linking a health blog or site on your blog then your blog’s ranking may be poor.


145. #Redirect

Never fall in the link redirect. This search engine ranking factors will make your blog penalized. And Google can also remove your blog from its index.
Meaning your blog will be unindexed.


146. #Pop Up

If you give unusual pop up on your site, then Google SEO Ranking Factors are not following properly and your ranking may be lower. Having more pop-ups means you put your site in lower quality.


147. #Distracting Ads

Ever since you have done this, you are sitting on a site to open that and the adult advertisement starts coming to that blog. Which bothers you. Google hates such a site and can also give the punishments.


148. #Over Optimization:

When you start optimizing your page more than a limit. Meaning that you should not even do where you want to do it. Then you become entitled to the punishments of Google.


149. #Page over Optimization

If you are creating pages for the same keyword and targeting the keyword, then Google can penalize your blog.


150. #Site over Optimization

Stuffing, Header tag stuffing, and excess keyword decoration format can be penalized by google.


151. #Too many Ads

If you are putting more ads on your site than a level, then Google will block your AdSense account and also reduce your page ranking.
So you have to try that not more than 3 aids on one page.


152. #Hiding Affiliate Link

Don’t try to hide the affiliate link on your blog. your blog may be penalized for this things.


153. #Affiliate Sites

I can tell you that Google does not dislike affiliate links but this does not mean that Google likes affiliate links too much. If you add multiple affiliate links above a page then Google does not like it. Google lowers your page’s ranking.


154. #IP address in spamming

If once your IP address detected as a spamming source then understood that your blog ranking has been started to go down.


155. #Auto generated content

If you use an auto-generated content tool then you are on wrong way. Google recognize it well. So from now stop that.

Google can be unindexed your blog permanently. Google will penalize your whole site so don’t try these stupid things to save your time.

take time and write unique content by yourself.


156. #Meta Tag Spamming:-

Keyword Stuffing can be here.If you are adding a keyword in meta tag which does not relate to your inside content. Google can hit your site with penalize


Off Page Web Spamming – Google Ranking Factors

Off page spamming factors, Google ranking factors, Search engine ranking factors


157. #Unnatural Phony Links

If your blog is experiencing strange traffic, it means that you are using the wrong way. Do not do this.


158. #Penguin Penalty

If your blog gets into Penguin Penalty once, that will not be able to rank in Google anytime.


159. #Lots of low-Quality link on low-quality sites

If you use black hat SEO to get high rank on SERP then you are wrong here. if you are thinking that on low-quality sites if you get backlink then your blog can improve ranking. Let me tell here, you are absolutely wrong. I always recommend that one backlink from a quality site is better than 1000 low-quality backlinks


160. #Link from same class c IP

If you are creating blog network with same IP address to create more backlink then Google can penalize your blog.



At last KrishnaBlogTips Advice


In the last, I will just say that if you follow all points given above, then your blog cannot stop it from coming to the top in the search engine.

Google Ranking Factors which are maintain above will help you to find more traffic in Google Search Engine Page.


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