Why you should target and Improve On Page load Speed

Today, Every Blogger and the owner of an E-commerce site think to reduce the Speed of ON page load speed.

The increment of the Conversion rates always gives sweet smile on the Blogger’s face. Exiting rate gives a bad experience. But the point is it, why Exiting rate is increasing day by day. Maybe, your Page loading performance is really bad and poor.

Yes, This is a true point. When your page loading time is longer then your conversion rate will decrease surely.

Today, I  will give full detail about the page speed and also will give the best tips to improve your blog page speed or E-commerce Site Speed.


Do you know Page Load Speed and Why it is so important for Every Site?

If you will be asked me about the page load speed then I would like to share my own opinion that if I open a blog or website and that will take more time for opening then I will never go for that.

Suppose I have no other option except that site then I will get frustrated surely.

So the same thing is applied to your site. A viewer comes on your blog and that time your blog load or page load speed is really slow then that person will never want to come again.

So I will recommend improving your page load as possible.

In the fast modern world, No-One want has the patience for waiting. Every blogger or Every viewer want fast result according to their query.

I would like to share something about the whole world viewers. Do you know?

50% of internet viewers close their browser tab because of more page loading time. They want to get their result within 2 Seconds only.

There are many bloggers and E-commerce site owner who are offering less than 2 seconds page load speed.

If you want to stay on the first rank in Search Engine then try to increase the page load speed. It Will help to generate more traffic on your blog on targeted specific Country.


Search Engine Count every second:-

Page load speed is the another factor for your blog SEO part and  Blog Traffic.  Today average users have no more time for waiting.

Increase your page load speed  and get a chance to stay on top position on Google Rank and More traffics on your site


Create an Individual Mobile Site:-

This is a good idea to engage mobile users. Today, Mobile version of your blog or site is mandatory.

Do you know? Two- third mobile users use their smartphone for surfing the internet.

Due to brilliant feature in Mobile phone day by day web users are switching on Smartphone to access the web.

Remember: – When you test your blog loading speed then tool test for both the mobile version and web version.


Can I check my page load speed?

Yes, you can check your page load speed and it is so simple.

Google also provides the free online tools to check the page load speed so enable it and enjoy

Google load speed tester

This tool is developed by the Google so you can trust on it about your real page load Speed.

It will tell about the error and suggest you for modifying those errors.

It will help to improve your page load performance


Top and Best way to page loading more quickly

There are more articles and more tips available on the web to improve the page load speed. Today I will discuss the best way. Those are below:-


Compression Enable software:-

Use compression enable software, it will help to reduce the programming code like HTML, CSS, and JAVA

You can use this software for doing compression – Gzip

Don’t Put more JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code on your site:-

I would like to suggest here If possible then reduce the code script on your site. As possible minify the javascript and HTML code.


Don’t use Redirects:-

Reduce the redirection method from your site. It is not a good idea. It gives the problem to your visitors when they open your page and that page redirects to another web page. This method makes slower to your page.


Improve server response time:-

Your server response time also plays an important role for your site SEO. It affects your targeting traffic if your server load time is not so good. Normally, your server time should be under 250 microseconds.


Optimize image:-

If your image size of your site is large your site will response after more time. It means your site page load time is high. As you know it is not good for your site so when you upload an image on your page then first optimize that image.

Image size should be under 50-100 KB.

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