Top and Best Tips Before Applying Google AdSense – Step by Step

A blogger always starts a blog with Google Adsense Dream But few bloggers also start just only to help the people with their queries. Adsense works like money machine for bloggers. Here, You will find the Tips and Tricks before Applying Google Adsense.


  • Are you a new Blogger?
  • Do You Want to apply for Googe Adsense?
  • Do you want to grab real facts and tips before applying the Googe Adsense?
  • Do you also want to know what are the main factors which should be followed for the fast approval?
  • Then I am sure you are at right place. Today I will teach all about these things.
  • Do you know every Blogger have a dream to get Adsense approval after starting a new blog as a fresher?


If You are going to apply Adsense after doing hard work on your blog then this post is very important for you.

If your blog is already rejected by the Google Adsense and you are making a plan to apply for the second time then this post will going to help you lot.


Google Adsense is not an easy task. Adsense is very strict on its rules and regulations and it is the one of the best reason of his popularities. Before 2007, this task was very easy but after that many bloggers started going at the wrong way.

Day by day, Google Started to make hard decision on this topic and today this task is really so hard. if you are totally dedicated on your blog then you have a chance to get approval.



What you will learn in this Article?


  • The way how to apply for Google Adsense
  • My Blog is ready for Adsense Apply or not. Will it be qualified or not?
  • Can I Apply for Google Adsense or not?
  • Before Applying What should be Content on my Blog.
  • What is the Requirement of Google Adsense?
  • Google Adsense rejected My Blog but why
  • if applied application is rejected by the Google Adsense then What should be done next


Today I am going to write a long post. I have no idea about the word Counting in this post.

Google Adsense is popular and there are many reasons behind it:-


It is one of the best and old age networks which offers the ads for publishing and PPC work at the best price.

When we talk about the Adsense then there is not a bad point to tell about it. There are millions of customers and everyone are satisfied with their policies and working principle.


If you are working in the right way with following all terms and condition, Which is listed below, of the Google Adsense then you have excellent chance to earn huge money through your blogs. There are many bloggers working on a blog as a part-time job and they are making more money as compared to full-time Job


There are many networks which offer these type of services but Google Adsense is the best, perfect and more profitable for Bloggers.

It is so popular among the Old and New bloggers because it pays the high rate as compared to other networks.



Before Applying Google Adsense – Do it First


High- Quality Contents is the First Priority:-

High-Quality Content is the First Thing. you can not ignore it at any condition. it comes in the high priority policy of the Google. Google cannot give approval without it. Google Like that Bloggers who give the High-Quality Content to The Search Engine and to the Required Visitors.

Its need to keep in your mind that your Application will be passed by the Humans, not an automatic Machine. If that person will not be satisfied with your contents then that person will not approve your application at any rate.


Before applying Adsense check out your blog – have you did it or not? If not then do RightNow


  • How To Write High-Quality Content:-

It is frequently asking a question. which types of content have high quality?

Don’t worry, High-quality content is not a big deal. just follow these steps to write your blog post and finally, you will write a high quality and unique content.


Write original words and sentence, content should be Unique.

Now the Question comes that what is the mean of Unique and how write original?

Ufff your Answer is here buddy- original and unique means you are not copying any paragraph or any sentences from other blog or website. You can read an article from the other blog or website for getting an idea about that topic deeply. But Don’t copy any line from there. You should write it in your own language.


Always write a paragraph with high standard Headings and don’t forget to give a Bullet list if that is required. Always write a point with the bullet.

Check out the Spelling error and Grammatical mistake. I would like to suggest here at least to read 2 times after completing your post. This trick will help you to improve the Spelling error and Grammar.


Always Write long Content. If you are thinking that you will write 300-500 words and Google will give high rank to your page then it never happens nowadays. so go for 2000+ words articles.


Always write useful and informative content. First, think and know well what is the first choice of viewers and then write for that. if you are writing on any topic then Write useful and informative so that your content can help those viewers.


If you want to check that your content? Is that original and unique or not? then click on this link. this is an online and free tool where you can see that your Content is original or not?

Click here


Write Privacy Page for Your Blog:-

New bloggers always do this mistake. They apply for Adsense without having privacy policy page. I would like to inform you. Google Adsense will never approve your blog if your blog has not privacy page.

Do you know? Why is Privacy page important for any blog or website?


If privacy page is not on your blog then there is no chance to get approval by the Adsense.

The privacy policy page shows to readers that you are not doing scam. You are true and serious for your business. Google checks your privacy page and matches your information with your running page.


This page gives information to the readers of your blog and the security of reader’s information


Write an Excellent About Us Page:-

If you are going to apply for Adsense then without this page you cannot apply for it. This page is a backbone for every Blog or website. This page shows the real person who is working for the blog.

If this page is not on your blog then there is 0% chance to get Adsense approval.


This page helps to create strong relationships with your readers. The Page shows to readers about you, your information and your Blog information. It is the best way to gain the trust of readers.


I will suggest you here. Write a beautiful decorated about us page and drop all information related to your blog including you.


Contact Us page:-

It is really important part of your blog. If you become successful in driving true visitors then your visitors will start to contact you for asking a question.

Contact us page give a platform to visitors where they can ask anything related to your blog topic.


Your blog Visitors can give a valuable suggestion to you about your blog for improvement, quality, topics and so for.

I will forcefully suggest you If possible then add your email to contact us page. There is one suggestion more. If you are going to apply for Adsense then you will apply through a mail Id.write down that email ID on this page. Google also like it to see your Adsense applied email id on your contact us page.


If possible then write a Professional Mail Id like This is email Id which is included in my about us page.

Google does not like those bloggers who only want to make money through their blog. Google always gives more preference to those bloggers who want to help the world to write a valuable content on their blog.


If you want to get some idea about the contact us page then you can check my contact us page.



Google Adsense verify your name and Email Id during the approval:-

Yes, This is true that when you applied for Adsense approval then at the process time of approval, Google checks and verify your email Id and admin full name.approval then at the process time of approval, Google check and verify your email Id and admin full name.


This process helps to Google whether you are not a robot, you are a Human.


Availability of good and quality content:-

You know This is most frequently asking a question from new blogger side. I would like to confirm here.

Keep it in your mind.


Numbers of posts does not matter.

Do you know? In my knowledge, There are some bloggers who just purchased a Domain name and hosting plan after that started to write a quality post for their blog and after 5-10 days they applied for Adsense and the surprising thing is it that Google Approved them within 2 days.


can you imagine? How is it possible?

I think It is really amazing. Google Adsense approval within 15 days.


Ok, Now I am going to tell some other points. There are also many bloggers who have written more than 100+ posts on their blog but Google Adsense did not verify those site.


So, the main point is it. Don’t think that number of posts will help you for Adsense approval. According to my sense, 15-20 quality posts are enough for Adsense approval.


Are you 18+ ?:-

Yes, I am asking about your age because Google will verify your age. If you are not an adult person (18 or 18+ age) then Google will never approve your blog at any cost.


Blog design Should be clear.:-

As I have already discussed on this topic that your blog template should be properly coded and clean looking design. I will suggest you choose the fast response and clear design template.


When a visitors enter in your blog then the first impression is your blog design. Suppose your blog color is reflecting on viewers eyes then they never want to read more.


The first impression always left good or bad thought so it totally depends on you whether what you want to do. Your Blog design is so important as like quality content.


What is included inside your blog design?:-


Always select a simple and good looking design.

Your Blog loading time should be less as much possible.

Loading time relates to your blog design and coding so select smartly.

Give suitable menu bar on your blog.

Never use unnecessary widget or plugin it increases your blog loading time.

Don’t use java scripted things on your blog. it takes more to load.

Don’t place unnecessary items in your blog footer or sidebar.

At the end, Don’t use the useless item on your blog. It will decrease your Adsense approval chance.

I will strongly suggest you, Go with a premium theme. If you can not afford it then you can go with a free theme.


Which types of contents – you are going to write:-


If your mind is thinking like naughty mind and you are making a plan to drive more traffic to your blog to do something wrong way then stop. Google will never approve your blog.

Few topic and contents which are illegal by the rule of Adsense. :-

Never write Adult Content on your blog.

Never try to copy already written a post from another blog or Website.

Never write tips or trick about the hacking because it is illegal.

Don’t write in the useless language which is not supported by the Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Supported languages list are available so first check before starting a blog in different languages



Always select right and quality Domain:-


If you want to get Adsense approval, then you can go with Blogspot like

But note this point you can not that place your Adsense code in self-hosted domain like

If you want, then there is a procedure.

Submit your application again to upgrade your Adsense account. If Google will approve your application, then you can eligible for that.application then you can eligible for that.

But nowadays, through the Blogspot Adsense approval is not so easy. if you don’t have any custom domain, then your submitted application with Blogspot sub- domain can not approve at any cost.if you don’t have any custom domain then your submitted application with Blogspot sub- domain can not approve at any cost.

So follow this procedure if you want to go with Blogspot

First, create your blog on Blogspot

Write more article on your blog.article on your blog.article on your blog.article on your blog.

Drive more traffic to your blog as possible.

Purchase a suitable domain name

Redirect your Blogspot blog with your Domain name. If you don’t want to know, How redirect then contact your Domain purchased site. They will help They will help you.

Now Apply for Adsense with your Blogspot account.

Note: – For Blogspot, Google has a condition for the Asian country that is your domain age should be 6-month-old.

But another story is it whether there are few bloggers who got Adsense within few months. So main thing is it, Write a unique and high-quality contents and after that apply for Adsense this is the main point.


If you have already placed other Ads Network then remove that Then Apply For Adsense:-


Before Applying Adsense, Be sure that no other ads are placed on your blog. Suppose you have applied for other network ads before applying Adsense like Clicksor, Adversal, Chitika etc. And you have placed these other network ads code then it’s time to remove them right now.

So, Are you ready to remove? ok

Then now you are able to apply for Adsense and there is a chance to get fast approval by the Adsense.


Don’t select the wrong way to drive more traffic Before Applying Google Adsense:-


Google hate paid traffic. If you are driving more traffic to your blog through the paid services then I will suggest you, Don’t go to apply for Adsense because Google will never approve your blog.hate paid traffic.

Google consider like spamming if wrong way traffic comes on your blog.

Always try to drive traffic to your blog with white hat SEO


Read This – What is the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO



 Why Google rejects my Blog Adsense approval Application again and again:-

Are you one? Who applied for Adsense many time but got rejection mail.time but got rejection mail.time but got rejection mail.

Ohh,  This type mail gives more pain. But now Don’t be panic.

I got Adsense approval with 14 posts only. It is really amazing. I know because I felt it and you can also feel.

If you really want to get fast approval like me then follow the Above maintain Steps.

Know the main reason of the rejection by the Google Adsense:

High-Quality Content Missing:-

Yes, It is the true point, As you know Google is one of the most popular search engines in the World And when people search their query the should be satisfied with the google answers.the should be satisfied with the google answers.the should be satisfied with the google answers.

Do you know about the Google answer? From where the answers come. The answers come from your blog, my blog, and other bloggers blog or site.

So think about it, If your contents are not suitable for

Then it’s time to write High-Quality Article with viewer’s solving solution.

But don’t use Hi-Fi words which create difficulty during the reading time of viewers.

A Google Employe approve your blog after watching your blog.

Suppose that human open your blog and your blog have not full fill all criteria of Google Adsense and your blog is not so impressive so that human will never approve your blog.

So first create an impressive blog then apply.

Which types of content are known as High-quality Content……..


  • Your Content should not be copied from other blogs or sites.
  • Don’t try to write the lines of the relative book in your blog.
  • Always write with the bullet list. Google loves when you give any information as a bullet portion.
  • Give proper heading after 100-150 words.
  • Make grammatical error free articles.
  • Never write with Spelling mistake articles.
  • Always write with proper solution articles
  • Don’t make confuse to your views
  • Try to write more than 2000+ word in your one article
  • Write informative Article

In your Blog Privacy, About us, Contact us pages are not available – One of the rejection reason:-

This is one of the nominal mistakes.

New Bloggers always write articles in their blog and apply for Adsense.

Dude first decorate your blog take the review from pro Bloggers then go for Adsense.

If you have the patience then you can be a Killer Blogger.

Why is Privacy page so important before applying Google Adsense?

After a High- Quality content, This is one of the main necessary parts in your blog if you are going for Adsense.

Privacy policy means you are not doing scam by your blog. You are responsible for your article and you are not doing wrong with your blog viewer’s information.

Google will also check all policy which will be written in your blog and try to match with your blog the so don’t the write face policy on your privacy page.

Privacy page informs to your readers about your blog. You can write your blog privacy page yourself to attach all information about your blog.


Is About Us page missing before applying Google Adsense?:-

Without about us page, Google will reject your application.

What is the importance of this page?

This page tells about you and your blog and your location to your views that means you are a responsible blogger. you are no doing cheat with the world.

Contact us page allows to contact you with your viewers. They can directly contact with you through this page. The reason behind Google loves this page and can not approve your blog without this page.

Blog design and Page type are not so impressive- One of the Main Rejection Reason:-

Do you know? If you will not feel comfortable on any blog and page then you can not open that again.

Why Will you uncomforted?

Suppose you open a blog and the blog background color is so irritating like pink color or yellow color then what will you that time?

I will close that tab. I think You will also do it.

Tips- White Color background is one of the best options forever.

So if your Blog is so good designed then Google will reject your Application.

If your Blog will not match with Google Policy then forgot to Adsense:-

If your blog is not matching with the policy with Google then Google can not approve your blog. But it is important to know about the Google Policy.


To fulfill Google Policy follow these Steps:-

No Meaning Full Contents – Means Always write meaning full contents

No unique and killer quality – Means write unique quality contents.

No organic Traffic – means Try to drive organic traffic to your blog.

No so impressive Blog design – Means select well design blog try to go with a premium theme, Design menu, navigation widget etc.

So as a Final word first prepare yourself to do write things in your blog. proper Design your blog then go for Apply

As short terms- read out it – Rejection Reasons-


I have many friends who got rejection mail by the Google Adsense at the first time. The reason for rejections are listed below

  •  Site navigation is not clear.
  • Your site menu is like confusing.
  • Your site is not helpful for readers to find out clear blog topics.
  • Contact us page is not included.
  • About us, the page is not included.
  • Privacy policy page is not included.
  • Your privacy policy page information is not matched with your blog information.
  • Blog template is poorly coded.
  • Your blog has an unnecessary plugin which is not in use properly.
  • So decorate proper menu according to your blog demand.

In simple language, If you want that Google approved to your blog, then don’t write to earn money just write to give a better experience to your viewers without confusing them.

Are you banned for a lifetime by Google Adsense?

Yes, It’s happened many times with spam bloggers.Google rejects him for a lifetime.

So, The main question is it, after that what have you chosen?
Don’ t worry, You have two more option.
First one is again google😉 Adsense.
Yes, create a new blog again according to my instruction which is maintained above.
Create a new mail ID, Try to create with another name like your brother, friends.
Then again apply for Adsense with new Website and New mail ID.
The second one is it, Forgot the name of Google Adsense. There are many ads network available in the market which is ready to give tough competition to the Adsense.
That verification process is not so tough as compared to Google Adsense.
Info link
Propeller ads



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