Know it Before Domain Selection

Domain Selection is the first step to create a blog or website. Today, I will tell about the things which should be known before the domain selection.

Have you any doubts in your mind like-

How to select the perfect domain name which helps to make more money online or Brand Name.

What are the important things which one should know before domain selection:


How to select the perfect domain name:-

Domain selection is the starting point to start blogging which indicates about your blog.

After knowing the blog name, a point clicks on reader’s mind that yes this blog have my solution regarding my confusion and after that, you can’t stop the viewers to open that URL.


Nowadays blog race is on the peak and for this Bloggers are selecting the wrong domain name.

To register the domain name there are many sites available in the market but I will suggest NameCheap, Godaddy, and Big rock. They are giving the low-cost domain name and also hosting plan.


Here, I am showing some points which should be followed by every new blogger before going to register a domain name.


Keep clear in mind about your niche, what you want to write –

It is the first thing and very important for blogging during the selection of domain name.

Give a suitable name to your blog about your blog content.


Don’t use any number in your blog domain name-

According to my point of view, In a domain name, Number gives a bad impression. Personally, I want to suggest to avoid the use of number in the domain name.

However, few bloggers are using the number on their blog.

An example of the domain name like which has number in URL address is not so good as compared to


Creative and unique best domain name selection:-

Your domain must be clear and creative so that reader once opened your blog, then he gonna remember your blog name for a long span.


If you want a suitable domain name try on

Here you will find your mindset domain name with this site suggestion.

Remember one point a unique person has always demanded everywhere so if your blog has a unique name then that’s impact will be different among related blog names.

Once any reader read out your blog name then he will remember for a long time.


Avoid giving a confusing domain name

Don’t go for a domain name which is related to another blog name.

Don’t repeat the same alphabet more times, it is a confusing point. You should have to select your own Brand Domain and go with that for having a positive impact on the reader’s mind.


Domain name meaning should be clear-

Select a domain name with proper meaning so that in future while you go to sell it then without having a problem you must be able to sell your domain name.

If you have a health blog and your blog name is related to tech blog keyword then it shows weird impression among the readers and if you want to sell your domain name then no one will purchase that.




At last, I will say, go with easy, short, without number Domain name. I will prefer GoDaddy and Namecheap to purchase the best Domain name selection.
If you are in any problem regarding the domain name selection or purchase time then comment below and ask freely as a comment. For sure I will help.

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