What is benefit of On-Page SEO – improve Google rank through it – how work it

Today I will discuss on the On-Page SEO,  we have already discussed on the SEO in last tutorials. If you have not read that then please read that tutorial.


SEO is mainly divided into two parts-

1.    On-Page SEO

2.    Off Page SEO

There are also two types of techniques which are frequently used by any SEO Experts. that are –

1.    White Hat Technique

2.    Black Hat Technique

Do you know? Every Blogger or SEO Experts want to get higher rank for their web page or link in Search Engine. To get the High rank in Search Engine they put all their efforts with all possible techniques whatever that are white hat or black hat Techniques.

SEO is the Best way to generate more traffic on your blog or website.


On-page SEO:-

On Page seo ranking factors, SEO starts with the excellent quality contents. It is very important to point your web page content which will help to generate good revenue.  Not only good content is enough for good SEO of your web page but your keyword selection for targeting and selection of the right place to put your keywords in written content is also important. In the first 100 words of the first paragraph, your keywords should be placed. Web page title and another thing affect your web page for a good SEO.

OFF Page SEO:-  About the OFF Page SEO, I will tell you in next Tutorials.


Why to Do On-Page SEO:-

Why do On-Page SEO? What is the Benefit of it? How is it helpful for my Web page?

Your Answer is here

  • This Technique will help to come on Top 10 search Engine Web page.
  • On page, SEO will help to achieve fast Crawling by the Search Engine
  • It will help to achieve high ranking in Index.

Point to Remember:-  On-page SEO means your hard work for getting high traffic on your web page only. How to set your page according to search engine demand, It matters in On-Page SEO.

There is some point which should be followed by the writer during the web page setting before publish.

Follow these tips,  I am sure about it, you will never fail and will get success through your hard efforts.


On-Page SEO( Search Engine Optimization) Tips and tricks which will never let you down:-


   1. Page Titles:-

This is the major factor for any web page. If your page title is not so good or SEO-oriented then Google will never give a chance to come to the top position.

  • Give the perfect and unique title to your web page.
  • Don’t write more than 40 words for a title.
  • Target your keyword in your page title.
  • Try to put your keyword at starting position in your title.

on page seo, seo title, meta description, body tag h1, h2, h3

In the image, you can see that I searched in Google How to get fast Adsense Approval with 15 posts  and Google suggested me for it.

So here, how to get fast Adsense approval with 15 posts is the post title for this web page. This title is small with its SEO focus keyword but you can write even up to 40 words in the title.


2. Meta Description

The meta description is the summarization of your whole page.

You can see clearly in above image that approximate 160 words are showing with title and URL. Description will help to get an idea about the whole written contents. This is another factor before publishing your content or article to set a perfect meta description for your web page.meta tags, description on seo on page

  • Write your meta description within 160 words.
  • Target your keywords in meta description for one or two times.
  • Don’t write a fake description about your page.
  • In meta description, write the summary of your whole article.


3. Meta tags:-

When you write your content on blog page then you can tag to separate words through the tagging feature. First, create tag word and after that tag them in your page. It will help to generate more traffic.



4. URL Structure

Your Site URL also plays a vital role when point come to generate more traffic.

Suppose your website URL name is so difficult so that you could not memorize it for a long time. It is not a good point so why you have gone to such a hell or unmemorable URL.

krishnaBlogtips.com is my web page URL name. It seems like the long name because it is the combination of three words as the first one is Krishna, the second one is a blog and the third one is tips. I know, it would be less. but it is memorable with your mind just krishnablogtips.com

ok, I am going to give more 2 example

  • mypricesaving.com: – It is also the combination of three words but can be memorized easily
  • Flipcart.com
  • Snapdeal.com
  • Amazon.com
  • KBSheadlines.com:  – It is the two words combination and memorable URL

So try to keep short and easily memorable URL for your blog or website.


5. Body Tags ( H1, H2, H3…..H6):-

Body tags which are used for different types of headlines in the body of your content. Use the perfect headlines on perfect position with your target keyword. It will help to achieve more traffic on your blog.


6. Keywords Density:-

When you write content for your blog then try to use 1-3% of target keywords. Suppose you are targeting “best Submission site” or “list of best Search Engine”. Then suppose your total words in your web page are 1000 then you are allowed to write 10 to 20 times your targeted keywords in your web content.


7. Alt Tag:-

It is used in your web page image. I will give more detail for it in upcoming tutorials.


8. Robots.txt:-

It is the communication part of crawling for your web page. It is very important for your website, it gives the instruction to all search engine where you submit your site for crawling. Which page is good for fetching or which one is not good, it gives the instruction to Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.  I will discuss later in upcoming tutorials


9. Sitemap.xml:-

It is the collection of your whole web page link of your URL. It is very important when you go for search engine Submission. A sitemap is the XML file which is submitted in Submission site for crawling and indexing in that search engine to give the better result for that sites.


10. Canonical:-

For multiple sections, Your duplicate page content will be same. I will tell about it in upcoming tutorials


11. Internal Linking:-

On your web page, You can add another page as suggestions or related keywords of your own blog or site.


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