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How to gain fast Opening time and Reduce loading time on my Blog:-

How to reduce the loading time of your blog page. This is the trending question by any blogger.

Today every blogger wants that their blog loading time should be less as possible. Any page which is opened by the reader should be open as fast as possible. If you have any idea and you are working on that to reduce the loading time. It will be effective for your blog and will help to gain more traffic. As per rule of Google, I want to tell that if your page loading time is fast then that page has a chance to come on top in Google Search.

But today I am going to tell you some methods. It will help you to reduce your blog loading time. Ok, so you are ready to understand.

Just follow the given tips and apply on your blog. I am giving a promise, it will help you to reduce the loading time of your blog.

Follow these tips to reduce the loading time of your blog page.


It is one of the important parts of your blog. After registering a domain, you go to select a profitable hosting plan, and you think about any plan which should be cheaper rather than others and it must be effective with best results according to my budget.

My plan should get fulfilled with this hosting plan then its fine and you will go to purchase that hosting plan.

But do you know on your blog, loading time also depends on your hosting spaces. It means which are your provider, if with minimum amount you will select the wrong plan then it will not ok for your blog.

And remember this point once reader comes on your blog and your blog will not be opened at the same time or taking more time to open then the reader can leave your blog instantly.

More readers only wait for 3-5 seconds for opening the page if not opened for that duration then the reader will be left from there.

Know your page loading time or blog loading time:

Yes, once in a week, Try this method, Check out your blog speed. There are many speed testing tools available on the internet. So just Need to Google “ List of Blog loading speed testing tool”.

Image optimization to reduce loading time:

Do you know? Sometimes there are heavy images on blog main page or in the blog post so it is not a correct step for SEO.

If you really want to see your blog on the top list of Google then avoid to including heavy images in your blog. And if you have already heavy images on your blog then try to reduce them.

Before uploading in your blog page, first, reduce  the image size and upload only .jpg, .pnp, Jpeg format of the image in your blog. It takes less time as compared to other formats.

Minimize JAVA Scripts to reduce loading time:

If you want to use more code to decorate your blog page then I want to intimate you that you are not doing well with your blog. The more coding page may increase your blog loading time. I am sure here you will not love. So I want to give suggestion avoid to attach more javascript on your blog page. It will be better for you and your blog.

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