What is SEO and what is the SEO Benefits and SEO Types?

  •   What is the SEO?

  •  What are the benefits of SEO?

  •   How many Types and Methods for SEO ?

  •   How to do SEO for my Blog or Website?

    It is the most asking question from the end of blogger or learner who wants to drive more traffic to the blog or website. Today I am going to solve all the queries related to SEO and traffic generation.

    Are you a blogger?. Are you a digital marketer?. Are you SEO Expert?. Do you want to make a career in SEO or want to join as SEO expert in MNC company to earn huge money or want to make money from your blog?

    Not matter, Who are you and what you want? Here, Step by step, You will learn everything about the SEO.

    I will provide A-Z Solution with all Required Stuff which relates to Search Engine Optimization either direct or indirect.

    What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation:-

    Now the point is What is Search Engine Optimization? Right

    So, You are here that means you are a well-known person about the Google Search.

    When you go to search your query then Google shows the result related to your search topic. But some results are paid and some are unpaid.

    Paid Services are always shown on the top of Google Search page having a section on top after that an unpaid Link or Website will be shown in a top to down manner.This is because of SEO.

    I want to clear here, If you will take paid service by Google then surely Google Will show your Website on top but when you will not pay to Google for that  then your site will not come on top.

    Now I will take your attention on SEO benefits. If you do hard work on your blog or website to occupy the top place in Google search then Google can’t down your page rank. It will possible only and only because of Search Engine Optimization.

    I will teach you everything about the Search Engine Optimization.  This is the 1st Tutorial on the Search Engine Optimization and I will write more than 50 tutorials on The Search Engine Optimization Topic.

    Paid Services of SEO are supposed as Advertising, Email marketing, Social Media Advertisement etc. These all services give the referral traffic on your Website or Blog. But SEO will give organic traffic to your Blog or Website. As you know everyone likes organic traffic because it is unpaid and will help to generate more traffic for a long time.

    An example of paid or Unpaid SEO:-

    SEO, benefits of SEO

  • See it. I searched the Topic “BLOG” in Google Search engine and  Google showed the list of the website on  1st page as a suggestion. Here, you can see clearly that first page is paid service because before the domain name “AD” is written. It means Domain Owner is paying to Google to show the blog or Website when a visitors search to related keywords on Google.Now come on the second Line. It is unpaid service and has taken SEO for the keyword “BLOG”So this is the best way according to me for generating more traffic on your blog because it is totally free and it will stay for a long time on Google first page.Now the question comes. How to do it?Don’t worry about it. After you will read out all of my articles related to Search Engine Optimization tutorial. You will be able to configure it out.

    How many Types of SEO?

    There are two types of Search Engine Optimisation methods which are mostly used by the blogger or professional SEO Experts.

    • On Page
    • Off Page

    There are two another Sub-types SEO methods known as

    • White hat Method
    • Black Hat Method


    On Page SEO method:

    On page SEO Method includes a part of Search Engine Optimization which is very important for generating Organic Traffic.

    • Killer and Unique Content on your Blog.
    • Your keyword Selection should be good and should be placed in a right way at the accurate position.
    • Give a Suitable title to your blog post. It should be the unique and perfect match.
    • Give perfect keyword on Every page.
    • Setup Google Analytics like professional.
    • Setup sitemaps for your blog.
    • Put Robots.txt file on your blog.

    Off Page SEO method

    • Build link for your blog page.
    • Submit article on open directories. It will help you to be popular for your blog.
    • Search Engine Submission.
    • Social Media submission or Bookmarking.
    • Article marketing is the perfect way to popular your blog.
    • You can try for Press Submission.

    I will discuss the whole topic which is covered in On page and Off Page SEO. So keep in touch with my blog on regular basis.


    What is the benefits of SEO and It’s Methods:-

    The first benefit of SEO is that it will help to bring a lot of visitors on your blog. More visitors means more traffic and more traffic means more popularity and more popularity means your Blog will come at the top position on the Google Search Page. It will surely get high rank in the search Engine.

    It will help to return your investment. A blogger spends money for purchasing a Domain name, hosting and Email marketing.  After applied the best method for Search Engine Optimization, your blog will start to get 500 times more click on your blog. The traffic will be organic that means you will find valuable visitor on your blog.

    I have already told you that Search Engine Optimization is unpaid service and it will help for a long time to hold up a secured position on Search Engine. You can say it is free or cost less method to make your blog popular.

    Do you want to make a Brand name of your Blog?.

    Do you know this thing that most people have full faith on Google Search Engine?

    If you will get success to make top position in search Engine then Surely Google will display your blog at the top position on the first page. Day by day you and your blog will be popular and will become a Brand.

    Note :- Once your blog is on the top position then don’t take rest because your competitors are also doing SEO for their Blog and they also want  high rank for their blog.

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