How to Work Search Engine | Do you know the Google Search Engine Work 

Today, I will discuss the search Engine Work. If You are here then it’s the true thing that you use the internet and if you use the internet you used to search your keywords in search engines.

Yes, I am also talking about those search Engines like

How to Search Engine work when you are going to search Something :-

When you search anything in above popular Search engines then how they work for giving you the Best results on the basis of your searched keyword. I think you never thought deeply about it. Ok, no problem today I will tell you, how Search Engine Work.


Google is the best Search Engine in the World. Almost 80% of people search their keywords in Google Search Engine.


Search Engine Shows the page, link, image, or some more things which are  already submitted inside the search Engine Database by the Blogger, Site owner, Page owner, Link Owner and Image uploader.


One point is clear that everything that is shown by any search Engine is already submitted or uploaded by another person. It means search engine is the point which stores the data through the Submitting or Uploading and Shows as the result when anyone searches for related keywords.


The search engine gives us the best result. for a single keyword, There are millions of pages or links available in the search engine database that is uploaded or submitted by the uploaders but when you search for something then search engine shows the best result for you very first.


The main Point is here that how search engine know that it is the best page or link according to my search keywords.

Your answer is here. When an uploader uploads anything in the search engine then Search engine hardly work on that and accepts good page or things and rejects or ban the spamming part.


How Search Engine Works for Submitted Contents:-

There is the whole process which is done by any search Engine when a webpage is submitted by the uploaders.



This is the automation part of search engine. This is not a manual part. It can be done by the Software which is also known as the Spider or Googlebot.

Once, the web pages are submitted then they are fetched by the GoogleBot software, This process is known as the Crawling.


This is the first process, Google or any Search Engine first fetch your all links or web pages for storing them in their database.

After this process, your data will be stored in the Search Engine Database to showing as a search result to related keyword views.




Indexing shows the meaning of the name. try to memorize, when you open your book to read then after the first page, Index page came where you can find all topics with the page number in a systematic order. Google also do like this. After fetching and storing your web data Google manages your page or link as an indexed order with millions another keyword related pages.


As I guess, You are confused right now but it is real. When you submit any web page for specific keywords then Search engine add your page in that category in which your keywords match. Your page will come up in Indexing process then surely will show on a search engine’s first page. There are many factors which affect during the Indexing of your pages. Be aware of such factors so that in the process of indexing your web pages got a high rank.


If you want to know more about the Crawling and Indexing Rule about the Google the Follow this Google Link.


List of factors which will help to improve your web Indexing:-

  • Your web page Title.
  • Your SEO Keywords.
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 tags.
  • Alt Tags.
  • Description of your Webpage Content.

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